Joseph Stiglitz, former World Bank chief economist and author of the ‘Price of Inequality’ told CNBC, “The scandal that has broken out in the UK (Libor) illustrates one of the main themes, that a lot of inequality especially income at the top doesn’t come from people really making our economy work better,”

Fri 29 Jun 12 | 05:00 AM ET

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One Response to “Stiglitz: Bank Practices Have Weakened Our Economy”

  1. Mr.Tuxedo says:

    Mrs. Tux thinks Ross is dishy, but I say Stiglitz is spot on,TBTF banks have made it tougher for cottage industry regional banks, who providea real service to working America.
    5 of the largest have to nowmoving forward to create have “living wills” as a contingency to stave off their risky behaviour.