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7 Responses to “U.S. Employment Growth by State”

  1. ZedLoch says:

    I wish I’d find oil in my backyard! Maybe I’ll just kill a dinosaur and then wait a bit. That’ll bring some jobs to Georgia…

  2. Rich in NJ says:

    There were more dinosaurs in North Dakota than in Georgia???

  3. econimonium says:

    It depends on the ratio of creationists in the State Rich :)

  4. ToNYC says:

    California lost 6 %, those ex-es went to TX and OK. Good trade!

  5. DrungoHazewood says:

    Some of the high growth states still are some of the highest unemployment states in the nation. Bounce from an oversold condition?

  6. Giovanni says:

    ZedLoch and econimonium LOL!

  7. rd says:

    It does not appear that growth on a state by state basis has anything to do with which party runs it or how much its government spends per capita.

    Could it be possible that the economy is not dictated by these two factors?