Fantastic graphic from Bloomberg Markets:



Wall Street CEO Pay Rises 20% With KKR’s Kravis No. 1
Laura Marcinek and Nikolaj Gammeltoft
Bloomberg Markets Magazine, June 5, 2012

Category: Corporate Management, Really, really bad calls, Wages & Income

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3 Responses to “What Bank CEOs Create Most & Least Value”

  1. Non Sequor says:

    As noted in Moneyball, the statistics historically used to measure the performance of baseball players don’t adequately separate the players’ performance from other random factors beyond their control.

    It’s taken as unquestioned wisdom that CEOs should be compensated for the value they create for shareholders, but the fact is that’s a useless objective if you haven’t come up with a good way to quantify CEO performance independent of factors beyond their control.

  2. ByteMe says:

    All the first table needs is one of the USA Today-style graphics next to it of a pig eating at a candle-lit table.

  3. microcap says:

    You should change the headline Barry, to read “Which Financial Services CEOs etc…” Much as I loathe the bankers, this is hardly a fair comparison…