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4 Responses to “Max Keiser Goes BALLISTIC on Barclays/Libor”

  1. lunartop says:

    had to watch that twice less I missed some of the subtlety and nuance I’ve come to expect from Max Keiser.

  2. CardinalRam says:

    I had to rewind and listen to a couple of spots twice. Phillip Booth actually said:

    1. Regulatory efforts cannot address ethical lapses.

    2. The way to deal with ethical lapses is by ‘rule of law’ instead of regulations.


    Is it just me, or are those two statements completely non-sequitur?

  3. meditative says:

    love Aljazeera and their perspective vs US media

  4. wannabe says:

    “Is it just me, or are those two statements completely non-sequitur?” – CardinalRam

    It’s certainly not just you, otherwise the gun control industry wouldn’t exist.

    Gun grabbers like to think they can reduce gun violence by regulating the peoples access to guns. Unfortunately for them and their delusional world-view, criminals don’t base their decisions to carry and use guns upon govt licensing and regulatory schemes.

    People who rob, kill, and defraud others must be locked up for criminal offenses, not pay fines for regulatory non-feasance.