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2 Responses to “McLaren 12C Spider”

  1. NoKidding says:

    Lots of super car posts lately. Building a Leno garage?

  2. Wexler says:

    The local McLaren dealership keeps bringing out the MP4-12C to Cars and Coffee…had a chance to sit in it, and what struck me was how far removed I felt from a raw (real) driving experience…it almost felt virtual…flappy paddle shifters, carbon fiber this and carbon fiber that, buttons and gizmos…it felt like a big machine, a modern muscle car.

    I’m obsessively researching late series 1, 1.5 and early 2 XKEs…BR, a fellow C&C guy had this advice – wait 5 years, that most of the owners are older boomers that will start to sell off and it will be a buyers market…what do you think?

    If that’s the case, the Ferrari 246 Dino is another dream machine that I’d be willing to wait for…I can’t see that car ever going for under $100k again…