Hey all,

Some of you have noticed that the site is not updating the Weekend, ThinkTank, Video or Bookshelf tabs automatically. You can go directly to any post if you have the link (i.e, from Twitter), but not via the four Tabs uptop.

This is a glitch caused by a crash 2 weeks ago — it only appears to update if you are registered and signed in.(I see all of the updates but I am signed in all the time).

We are working on a solution to technology side but in the meantime, if you register and log in, everything shows up where its supposed to.

Thanks to those of you who pointed this out, and those who figured out what the glitch was.



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8 Responses to “Parts of TBP Site Not Updating”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Clearly TBP has been deemed too intelligent and is experiencing a “Harrison Bergeron” sandbagging!

  2. jaymaster says:

    Wow, thanks for explaining that. I hadn’t been signed in for a week or so at my office, but I signed in today and a bunch of stuff showed up that I didn’t remember seeing earlier in the day. But then I had a vague recollection of reading some of it before.

    I blamed my failing memory, and considered giving up the bottle, but now I think I’ll have another!

  3. Tim says:

    This is outrageous! We each spend thousands of dollars a week for this access. The nerve.

  4. geobdg says:

    Nice ploy to get people to register on the website. Just kidding! Glad to hear the explanation……hadn’t logged in for awhile and was especially missing the weekend section updates.

  5. Greg0658 says:

    another access = click into the main tab 1st post as if to see comments and then surf the 2nd way ie: <> .. you don’t need to be signed in that way

    “the 2nd way ie: “<>” .. may be taken as code so in words = double left black arrows into next blue headline left and double right black arrows into next blue headline right

    I actually prefer to surf in here that way – since I appreciate what you all think along with that someone being paid to blowv

  6. AgileJim says:

    I had the same issue on my WordPress site. My ISP told me there was a bunch of stuff in my .htaccess file left over from W3 Total Cache, a plugin that I had previously installed. He cleaned it up, and the problem went away.

  7. howardoark says:

    oh, thanks. I was going to say something, but didn’t want to be a whiner.

  8. Greg0658 says:

    TBP just had a odometer click milestone
    was looking @Sitemeter 999,999,936 and now off to 300,000,000,000 woohoo
    pull over break out the wine (and the hats:-)