Beginning scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer… But It Can Be

Hat tip Doug Kass

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29 Responses to “The most honest 3 1/2 minutes of TV EVER…”

  1. VennData says:

    How dare these liberals question our number-oneness.
    Too question is to doubt, to doubt is to not know, to not know would mean you’re unable to have all the answers all the time to all the problems, in any conversatiinal / confrontational situation.
    And I’ll tell you, tax cuts for billionairss will solve any of your so-called problems. Look how well these low tax rates worked these last ten years, and there’s your ‘data’ you so-called pro-science so-called concerned taker away of my family farm, my guns, my flag (so you can burn it.)
    America, Love it, or Leave it …with the caveat that it’s perfectly OK to stash a portion of your assets in offshore Cayman Trusts

  2. advsys says:

    I think this show has incredible potential. The “all in the family” of our time.

  3. Stuart says:

    The public is not ready for this honesty. You will not get elected espousing honesty even as true as these words are. That is a sad statement on affairs. Yes, though…. but it can, once again, if courage is there.

  4. Hantra says:

    Interesting points for sure. But what’s his fix? Better reporters?

  5. Expat says:

    All well and fine until he started getting ridiculously nostalgic for an America that never was. Yes, it was an economic miracle, but the rest is just genocide, assassinations, invasions, espionage, and corruption…just like everywhere else.

  6. leel says:

    Brilliant & necessary. Thank you for this (I’ve never seen the show)

    How much improvement do you think we can make if ‘the public’ actually heard the rankings he rattles off beginning at minute 1?

    But our leaders, media, etc. prefer to repeat ‘comforting lies’ instead of ‘unpleasant truths’.

    It’s not fully their fault, ‘we the people’ need to grow up & recognize we can’t always have our cake & eat it too. For instance, when the government runs a budget surplus, instead of sending refund checks to everyone how about they either a) pay off debt or b) save it so they can ‘pump prime’ when the economy turns down? Nah, when things are good let’s just pretend the economy will all stay strong & when things are bad, let’s pretend like we have no idea how this happened to such smart people, like us. Then we can wrap ourselves in the flag & religion to distract ourselves from reality.

  7. storhund says:

    But how can that be, I thought I was exceptional?

  8. loweralabama says:

    Well, Now to image we would every hear the truth on TV ?

    Surely those we have elected to Political office would not lie about a thing like ” we are the Greatest” ?

    Perhaps it the truth that the Problem… then we can ignore it, right ?

    Maybe the Problem is that we were once the greatest ? Yet, we have wasted countless billions of Dollars in wars and other foolishness. We have allow the Rules of the Game to be Rigged by the special interest.

    Yes, the truth can be bitter when we comes to our senses.. Yet their Hope for America that the People.. The 99% will wake up and see that the truth.

    Then we can become number one again by being the best in the world.. Not tell ourselves we are the best..

    When those we elect to office have course to speak the truth and not hand feed the Public lies. Demand results not ” hot Air” and broken Promises. When they fail to serve the 99% their history as leaders. We need not worry about the top 1%. Their all smart enough to ride the train no matter it direction …

  9. flyer38 says:

    Yeah, America was a great country when they locked up Japanese in internment camps, or when 600,000 people were killed in its own civil war, or when they went to war in Vietnam killing 1 million foreigners when the US was never attacked.

    This guy is an idiot, he bows at the alter of the state because of the Hoover dam and Neil Armstrong, which have little effect on the average American.

  10. Greatest?

    Why is that, even, (a/the) Question, or Standard?

    How can it be, if We are to ‘Be Real’, a Relative Standard?

    We should, either, be great, or, actively, achieving Greatness, no?

    Why should We care if, there being another, is Less, or, even, Great(-er), than Us?

    We Are, or Are not, yes? Great, that is..

    if not, it Is, actually, up to Us to something, or not, about it…

    “Johnny”, from down the Way, or across the Sea, matters Little. Correct? (Y/N)

  11. denim says:

    Truly awesome.
    I thought I voted for a guy like him for President last election…
    Just awesome.

  12. 873450 says:

    Being exceptional doesn’t mean we’re perfect, honest, intelligent, righteous, benevolent, charitable, peaceful, loving, forgiving, understanding, …

    Being exceptional means not having to say we’re sorry … about anything … ever.

  13. jrm says:

    The US may not be the only country in the world with freedom, but it sure is a country where one feels more free than in France, Japan or many others.

  14. jsp9999 says:

    Is that Jeff Daniels? He sure sounds smarter than in D&D of ’94. Yes, I agree with the essence; America is NOT the greatest country in the world. Having said that it sucks his reasons are nostalgic bullcrap about how we used to be. Whoever wrote this script is trying very hard to be sentimental and selling ecstasy to teenagers.

  15. caractacus says:

    “When we waged war because…” Does he mean when we watched Asia and Europe burn until, and only until, we were attacked? Wasn’t that the same war the administration also withheld information relating to the genocide of European Jews, gays, gypsys etc.?

    Our motives in WWII still to clean? Perhaps he can explain the noble purpose behind the Spanish American War? Maybe his point as a fictional journalist is that Fox News (THE RIGHT) and MSNBC (THE LEFT) are cheapening American discourse vs. those halcyon days when William Randolf Hearst provided in depth analysis of the days’ events? Nonsense. Going back farther, do they think we are so ignorant not to have seen the often racist, offensive, and patently false pamplets passed around by our forefathers in the first elections in our nation’s history? You know, when women couldn’t vote and blacks were 2/3rds a person…and personal property.

    This is typical liberal bullshit that lays out an ideal egalitarian past and then pretends we are somehow now fallen. We are a nation composed of humans, which means we make mistakes. Our past is spotty. But is it worse than:

    Germany – genocide…I’d call that enough, no need to list more.
    French – the worst colonial record of them all? No wait, it could be…
    Japan – Two words “Rape Camps”; zero human rights until we put a gun, er bomb, to their head.
    Brits – Certainly not a spotless colonial record; centuries of class descrimination.
    Russia – where the “f” could you even start to list this nation’s woes?
    China – see Russia above…but I perhaps I will venture the contempory one child policy, or organ harvesting criminals

    We have a great country and we have every right to claim the “Greatest Nation on Earth” mantle for all that we have done to provide an shining example human rights and freedom (however imperfect, there is no question that we have shown great leadership). I see no reason to take offense if any foreigner wants to make the same claim – how could I? For example, Canadians are free to call themselves the best, a fantastic patch of tundra,very free, great people, etc…but he or she shouldn’t balk if I point out how they quietly enjoy freeloading off our defensive umbrella.

    The left sure loves to insult their fellow Americans. Must be nice feeling that rush of moral superiority.

  16. ravenchris says:

    Career politicians will bring us to our knees.
    Do not reelect incumbents.

  17. boveri says:

    Post WWII and the 1950s were the greatest economic years of all time anywhere for most Americans, though lesser for Afro-Americans. We stood as the only major undamaged industrial power in the world and we were the greatest ever in just about everything.

    That will probably never be matched again if that’s what we are comparing against.

  18. Tim says:

    Time for the Second American Revolution.

  19. Jojo says:

    He hits all the high points nicely. But this is a different world than back when. You can never go back.

    In that wonderful, nostalgic past that Jeff Daniels describes, men mostly worked and woman mainly stayed home minding the home and kids. Families ate dinner together. Unions were much more prevalent at work. Many more people stayed at one or two companies all their work life and got pensions when they retired. People grew up in a single neighborhood and tended to stay (I think the figure was) within 35 miles of where they were born. So cultural and family links were much stronger than today. These stronger neighborhood links engendered more respect and fear of being outcast for stepping over the line. Corporate CEO’s only made 40X the average workers pay instead of 400X and when they were fired for failing, they didn’t get golden parachutes. We are falling down the black hole and there is no way to climb out.

    I wish life was like it used to be. There are a million woulda, shoulda, couldas I would like to revisit. But I think that is a common disease as people age. ;)

  20. Jojo says:

    @caractacus – Hey, you were on a good rant!

    But then you spoiled it by ascribing the mythical views expressed by Hollywood screenwriters and spoken through Jeff Daniels mouth to “liberals” and the “left”.

    Point of fact, most of what he expressed is usually tied to the apple pie and mom right side of the political spectrum who long for the good ‘ol days you so nicely described.

  21. 873450 says:

    caractacus Says:
    ” … do they think we are so ignorant not to have seen the often racist, offensive, and patently false pamplets passed around by our forefathers in the first elections in our nation’s history?”

    I want my country back
    Obama can’t prove he was born in the U.S.
    Obama is a Muslim
    Obama is a Nazi
    Food Stamp President
    Obama doesn’t understand what it means to be American
    Voter Suppression

    One doesn’t have to look back to our first elections to see racist, offensive and patently false pamphlets passed around.

  22. Defining Quality says:

    Corruption is the Defining Quality of the Worlds governments and economic activity. The cause is obvious to anyone who can think!
    Clearly this was the best 3and half minutes on TV – I was shocked they had the guts to speak TRUTH – a TRUTH, the source of which, we all ignore because we are too brainwashed or afraid or so called powerless to eliminate at its source. Justice for “WE THE PEOPLE” can only happen if we eliminate the cause of our collective suffering!
    WE SAY – I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK – but it has been hijacked by CentaMillionaire$ and Billionaire$
    To level the playing field and eliminate the corrupting power of wealth,”WE THE PEOPLE” (aka government) need to TAX ALL WEALTH OUT OF EXISTANCE! If you make or have more than $10,000,00o the government (aka the little people who don’t make or have $10,000,ooo) takes it all – a 100% tax rate eliminating greed – world wide. Those fortunate enough to ever attain that lofty and currently unattainable level wealth for virtually all of WE THE PEOPLE will not be allowed to use even that wealth for buying politicians and judges running for election because all elections will be state sponsored and financed by WE THE PEOPLE – from our taxes.
    If being a Decamillionaire can not satisfy the Narcissistic greed of sick sociopaths, then I suggest they stick a gun in their mouths, pull the trigger and end their suffering, of a new justice, WE THE PEOPLE clearly have a right and moral obligation to imposed on them.
    If you want to see corruption of government end – then this is our “aka We the People” only hope.
    “How to Think” if you can handle the truth!
    Let it Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. cyaker says:

    Good piece may be a great show BUT Why blame Liberals. They ainn’t alone and they probably didn’t start it they are just the Deer caught in the headlights. And anybody who thinks OBama is a Liberal needs a reality check.

  24. quidite1 says:

    Hmm, it’s a video of a whiny Baby Boomer blaming Gen Y and X for screwing things up and naming us the worst generation.

    Who is in charge, moron?

    Baby Boomers deserve everything that’s coming to them. Producing propaganda like this that blames the next generation for their faults is only going to make Gen X and Yers that much more vindictive when the reckoning comes.

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  26. cmor says:

    O, let America be America again–
    The land that never has been yet–
    And yet, must be…

    – Langston Hughes

  27. Sunny129 says:

    The first day I saw ‘Newsroom’ I got hooked for it’s refreshing approach and brutal honesty based on FACTS.

    In 1980 there were 53 Organizations controlling 90% of MSM. Today we have just 6 mega corporations controlling the same!

    Of the 100 largest Economies in the World today , 51 are global companies. What does ‘patriotic’ means in this new world order?

    Majority of multi millions earning reporters ( wh..res!) worship ‘access’ journalism. Look at all the soft ball questions throw during press conferences! News from MSM is mostly garbage catering to those in power and favoring ‘status’ quo’.

    We need more ‘Newsroom’ like drama to to wean us away from ‘Dancing with the stars’!