I love how this graphic explains the inherent limitations and various ways we interpret visual data. You are a biomechanical machine that is highly imperfect.


click for ginormous graphic

via XKCD

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4 Responses to “Your Visual Field is Riddled With Errors”

  1. lunartop says:

    Well, highly imperfect biomechanical machine is one way of looking at it – I’d say stunning example of evolutionary design that man is a long way from being able to replicate is another.

  2. lunartop says:

    whoops, the above sounds pissy – sorry. Thanks for the link :)

  3. streeteye says:

    Blind spot test -


    there’s an area nerve fibers run in front of the retina, creating a blind spot, but your brain fills in the missing info from the other eye.

  4. Thanks BR: I will review this VF guide prior to go to dark bars, pubs, dance clubs.