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Groucho Outtakes from You Bet Your Life (1956-57)

Racy moments from Groucho’s quiz show that couldn’t be broadcast. They were compiled into “stag reels” for the annual sponsors’ conventions. This is part two of a reel taken from shows filmed in 1956-1957.

You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1956-57, Part 1


You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1956-57, Part 2

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Weekly Eurozone Watch August 31, 2012

Key Data Points German 10-year Bund 2 bps lower; Italy 10-year 15 bps wider to the Bund; Spain 46  bps wider; Portugal 7 bps tighter; Greece 54 bps tighter; Large Eurozone banks higher; Euro$ up 0.31 percent. Commentary Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy delayed seeking a second rescue for Spain while pledging to continue bailing out…Read More

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Wacky Email of the Month: Obama to Rejigger DJIA

Since its the Friday before a 3 day weekend, let me share with you the goofiest email I have received this month, from somewhere in the Netherlands. The full email (which is all over the Internet in its original language) is reproduced below, immediately following my response.   My response: That is hilarious. I presume…Read More

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What Americans Do All Day Long

Click to enlarge: ˜˜˜ Source: NPR

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Listen Carefully

Listen carefully. Listen carefully and you can hear the industry spinning the Knight algo situation not as a market structure problem but as a risk management issue.  Since the August 1st “Knightmare”, we have seen numerous industry insiders speaking out that risk needs to be better managed.  They have been advocating adding new Risk Officers…Read More

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What is Money?

The Island Of Stone Money

Source: NPR

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10 Friday AM Reads

Some Friday morning reads to end your week: • Economists React: What to Expect From Bernanke’s Jackson Hole Speech (WSJ) see also Bernanke’s Dilemma Over His Legacy (WSJ) • Volatility Analogy (Aleph Blog) • SEC Study Proves Stock-Picking Should Be Left to the Professionals (New York Mag) see also Research Pinpoints Brain’s ‘Gullibility’ Center (US…Read More

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Monetary Angioplasty Required

Blockages in the Monetary Transmission Mechanism click for ginormous graphic     Fascinating chart from Joseph Brusuelas, Senior Economist at Bloomberg that details monetary blockages. This IMO helps to explain why ZIRP’s more modest impact on the broader economy than the outsized  impact we see on risk assets Joe is my newest Friday Follow on…Read More

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The Coming Resolution in . . . Everything

The quiet summer is about to give way to a three week period that will settle a lot of things. Consider: • Right now the odds of Obama winning the election are 56% on Intrade. According to Gallup, his approval rating is still below 50%. So Obama does not have a comfortable lead. This week…Read More

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Finding Alien Civilizations

BBC via Wired:   How to Find an Alien Civilization Click for interactive version  

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