My morning reads:

• Why investors should avoid hedge funds (Reuters)
• Stocks’ Advance Stirs Seers’ Skepticism (Barron’s)
• The European Central Bank’s Discreet Help for Greece ( see also Fed’s Job-Market View May Surprise Street (WSJ)
• Twin Reports Stoke Cautious Optimism for Rebound in the Housing Market (NYT)
• For Wall Street Bankers, the Thrill Is Gone (Businessweek)
• China data inspires hope, disappointment… and a dilemma (FT Alphaville)
• Who Are Winners of Low Mortgage Rates? Banks (DealBook)
• In Laundering Case, a Lax Banking Law Obscured Money Flow (NYT) see also Standard Chartered CEO Says ‘No Grounds’ to Revoke License (Bloomberg)
• POLITICS: A Tale of Two Unelectable Candidates (ABC News)
• U.S. has hottest month on record in July 2012 NOAA says (Washington Post)

What are you reading?


As Morgan Stanley Beefs Up Bond Business, Firm Is Bringing in More Computers

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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7 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. Arequipa01 says:

    This is a link to a brief article describing a study done by a prof named Massey at Princeton regarding immigration from Mexico. Long data, short opinion.

    Here’s the link to the study itself:

  2. Arequipa01 says:

    Also, here is quote from Sands of Standard Chartered from the BBG article:

    “You can’t help wondering whether all this beating up of British banks and bankers is starting to shade into protectionism,” he wrote. “And you can’t help thinking it might actually be at least partly motivated by jealousy of London’s financial sector — a simple desire to knock a rival center.” [in poker we call that a tell, a big fecking tell, a g-dd-mn tic that makes Michael J. Fox look like the Buddha]

    I would argue that things are more often binary. Is it possible that NY wants to kick London in the teeth (for complicated reasons-not just financial but let’s say ‘existential’) and SCB has been laundering big moolah for the Mullahs…nice, huh?

    Anyway, Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism has a very interesting and illuminating post on Reuter’s active suppression of core facts in the SCB story. You know, like excising Sullivan and Cromwell* and Promontory Financial Group (run by a former head of the OCC-DC is a cesspool)…I imagine that Mr. Ritholtz dislikes links to ‘rival’ blogs, so you know, open a new tab and crank up the googleator your own damn selves…

  3. Wiggs says:

    So, this is what Wall Street’s terrifying robot invasion looks like….

    Make sure you watch the visualization…crazy.

  4. SANETT says:

    Not sure why Barrons articles are listed on reading lists — can’t get any of them without signing up for their 30 day trial and auto-pay thereafter.

  5. mathman says:

    Oh boy, we’re starting to get those promised dividends from the fictitious climate change!

  6. Jojo says:

    Too many focus on the single “fertility rate” number instead of recognizing that people in developed countries are not going to make many new babies when the gross number of jobs continues to decline due to outsourcing, offshoring and automation. Why have babies when you will have to take care of your kids for their whole lives?
    Sierra Daily
    Aug 07, 2012
    Sex As A Patriotic Duty

    With the world population surpassing 7 billion last October, most nations in the world are fighting climate change with family planning. But not everyone! Singapore, with a population of 5.18 million, a median age of 37, and the lowest fertility rate in the world at .78 children per woman, is embarking on an, er, aggressive campaign to boost its population. This Thursday, August 9, has been designated by the famously straight-laced nation as “National Night,” when it is the duty of “financially secure adults in stable, committed long-term relationships” to do their demographic duty. “We gotta go all the way for Singapore, ya know what I’m sayin’?” Successful couples will be eligible for the nation’s $3,000 “baby bonus” for the first and second child, $4,800 for children three and four.