This is an embarrassing few moments:

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11 Responses to “Bill Black vs Goldman Sachs Apologists”

  1. super_trooper says:

    Oh Bill, why don’t you just give up. I am surprized that he still gets airtime. Can’t GS do something about that? Why not buy NBC.

  2. Jake Gittes says:

    Oh, Bethany. We know which side of your bread that the butter is on.

  3. StudsTerkel says:

    “more of the same: no investigations, nobody held accountable… this administration and the last administration have given everybody a pass”

  4. raholco says:

    Not only embarrassing – it was also painful.

  5. JEHR says:

    But the embarrassment lies with the two women, not the man. William K. Black is an honest man and the two women are less than honest and I think they know it. That was a good question Black asked: where is the Grand Jury? in this scenario.

    I am saddened by the way that journalistic types and commentators can ignore the obvious fraud that everyone else sees. One should ask: what is in it for them that they would not (or could not) acknowledge that a very great wrong was done to the American people and it was done through fraud?

  6. raholco says:

    A future headline:

    “Citizens are cheering wildly after President Romney’s declaration of Martial Law after quelling riots over US involement in sinking Iranian ships that blocked the Strait of Hormuz in response to Israel’s attack on underground Iranian nuclear facilities…..”

  7. bear_in_mind says:

    Miss McLean may be THE most vacuous guest (i.e. “contributor”) I have yet seen on CNBC… and that’s saying a mouthful.

    Miss McLean states, “…but if you’re going to bring a case against Goldman Sachs, you have to bring a case against every single other Wall Street firm, as well as every mortgage originator, as well as every homeowner who lied on his or her application…”

    Ah yes, where would we be without relativism? Thank goodness for the presence of Professor Black who absolutely shreds McLean/Bartiromo by the end of the segment.

  8. bear_in_mind says:

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Black were to assume persona non grata status on CNBC because he flatly refuses to suck up to the meme-bots.

  9. furiouschads says:

    Bill Black for Treasury, or should it be Atty General?

  10. wannabe says:

    anyone have any links to evidence as to whether GS did not or did (through subsidiaries, as Bill says) make “liar’s loans”? Perhaps a pedantic point, but speaks to credibility.

  11. holulu says:

    Look at smirk on Bartiromo’s face starting at 06:15 time mark and, she thinks that she checkmated Bill.
    But she is the one who got checkmated after a few seconds.