Judge Rules Poker Is A Game Of Skill, Not Luck
Mike Pesca
NPR, August 22, 2012

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10 Responses to “Federal Judge: Poker Is A Game Of Skill, Not Luck”

  1. Dick Watson says:

    The ancients used to debate this, in the context of two ancient games: backgammon versus chess. The question was which more closely mirrors life?

    The consensus was that backgammon more closely mirrors life because the outcome is determined by both skill and luck, whereas chess is purely skill.

    Poker mixes luck and skill. To say it is one or the other is falacious.

    Except, like life, in the long run. . . .

  2. TLH says:

    Yes and money to politicians are political contributions, not bribes.

  3. pm2416 says:

    Yes, but for all the US players who were stiffed out of millions of $$ when Full Tilt collapsed, getting those funds back will be much more luck than skill.

  4. Frilton Miedman says:

    skill + luck = luck

    Poker is a game of skill that hinges on luck, skill avails a degree of control over outcomes, but luck deals the cards.

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    Over a night, a good poker player will generally beat a poor one. Denying skill is nonsensical.

  6. NoKidding says:

    Nonsensical to deny skill, but just as nonsensical to say poker is not gambling.
    Furthermore it is nonsensical for a small investor to believe equities are not gambling, which is the connection that probably brought this item to TBP.

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  8. Moe says:

    A game of skill??
    Not the way I play….

  9. Through the Looking Glass says:

    You guys must not watch the poker tournaments on TV. What I see is that it far less to do with what cards one is actually holding and has more to do with what you can get away with making the others think you are holding. No luck or skill just how ruthless is your BS.
    Its the same at the top on Wall St, Banks, Politicians. We as Americans have just become BS receptacles and its really pathetic . I see people thinking that its what cards are in their hand that determine the game whether it be Democrat or Republican and thats just part of the systemic BS that holds the country back from moving forward against the Oligarchy. The real powers that be really don’t care who is in office because they own the deck and control the outcomes in any case. And of course the elected officials are playing the cards and covering the bluffs with propaganda press releases to soothe the mind of the sheeple.
    People wake up will ya? The game is rigged.

  10. Greg0658 says:

    LOL Moe .. ditto .. never practiced much either ..
    ie: always seemed to have something else I’d do to pass the time .. since it almost always involves money (from me to someone else) .. “the only winning move is not to play” *

    there now – is that the logic of this thread .. me scared/scares you .. do something

    * before submit don’t worry WS** .. remember the pinch’g pot dealer story :-)

    ** wait maybe overleveraged with other play’aas – ok go back to worry :-/