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The FRED App – Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Image of iPhone and Android devices with FRED app

Take the economy with you wherever you go. The FRED app gets you the economic data you need – anytime, anywhere. Enjoy full access to nearly 42,000 economic data series from 38 regional, national and international sources. The graphs and supporting data are housed in the St. Louis Fed’s signature database— FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data). The FRED app is perfect for students, financial market professionals, academics and anyone else interested in economic data.



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6 Responses to “FRED App”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Whar are the chances of it being ‘muted’ via budget cuts?

  2. b.remson says:

    Now only if my firm would allow work email on an iPhone.

  3. Chris In San Diego says:

    This is amazing even by the Ritholtz standard of excellence that I’ve come to take for granted. Thanks, man!

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  5. Tim says:

    Next, a microchip implant in the neck, with microspeaker in the cochlear, and a retinal projector display, wirelessly connected to iOS or Android device, automatically connected to FRED and hundreds of other databases, blogs, and sites by voice command.

    Down the road, sleep-surfing: subconscious absorption of print, audio & video with an additional high gigabyte storage/playback chip, implanted in the inner forearm, also controllable by voice command.