Nice graphic in the NYT showing various state of the world’s markets:



click for ginormous graphic

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7 Responses to “Global Market Recoveries (by Nation)”

  1. Rightline says:

    Primarily because I read the Big Picture daily, I am pleased to report that “my country” is not below the line nor between the lines. It is well above the line. THANK YOU – Barry

  2. VennData says:

    Best US post-war recovery, ever.

  3. kingcoal says:

    note how three of the BRIC countries are down 35-40%. Funny how Jing Ulrich and other sell-side cheerleaders have been pounding the table on Chinese equity for all these time. Funnier CNBC still invite these people on as experts. Not funny when buy side actually buy into the China story and lose client’s money.

  4. dancingdiva says:

    The Dow, S&P and Russell 2000 are all below their 2007 peaks. I guess we have to thank Apple.

  5. jaymaster says:

    That’s certainly interesting.

    Their use of the word “indexes” grates on me though….

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  7. AnnaLee says:

    All relative to their individual 2007 baseline. I would like to have a time axis for each of these countries. What I am thinking is a country in an expansive boom might be more affected than one in stagnation.