Bloomberg Surveillance

Bloomberg Surveillance


I am going to be guest hosting on Bloomberg TV/Radio this morning with Tom Keene and Sara Eisen from at 6:00 am – 8:00 am.

Subjects we are discussing:

1. Why September will be crucial to markets “Break out or break down?

2. Both Equities & Bonds look tired, but may receive help from the liquidity — duo Bernaki/Draghi

3. Election outcome doesn’t matter for stocks — bigger drivers are deleveraging, stall speed economy & slowing earnings

4. Investors  are Complacent (look at VIX) but not excessively exuberant

5. We will go over some ETF and stock holdings as well

The live TV streams here.



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2 Responses to “Guest Hosting Bloomberg TV (Today 6-8am)”

  1. philipat says:

    Hey Barry,

    I’m watching youlive here in Bali but, with the 12 Hour time change, it’s much more relaxied watching with a glass of red or two. I’m impressed with your lucidity at that hour, especially after you have probably been up since 4AM? Oh well, Cheers!!!

  2. sowilo says:

    Good response to Mike Holland on political prospects for the market, and on Ryan as a (fake) fiscal conservative.