Source: Yahoo, Paul Ryan A Bold VP Choice But Romney/Ryan Plan Will Hammer The Middle Class

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11 Responses to “Paul Ryan: Bold VP Choice But Will Hammer The Middle Class”

  1. USSofA says:

    Adults are entering the room. Children, please leave. We are about to have an adult conversation.

  2. TheTruth says:

    Ho, Hum. It’s been clear for a long time that the Republican party has been hijacked by rich people that don’t understand that the country is being ruined by destroying the middle class. Mexico, here we come !!

  3. boveri says:

    These have been the finest three days that Obama had enjoyed as President of the United States.

  4. boveri says:

    Correction — These have been the finest three days that Obama has enjoyed as President of the United States.

  5. FrViper says:

    How unique, a Plan. At least a starting place! Let the discourse begin and hopefully with adults. What are each of us prepared to give up to get our house in order? That includes seniors, who else knows how to plan, rather than I want it all and I want it now generation!

  6. VennData says:

    Ryan, a devoted Randian, wanted the Fed to RAISE interest ratesin 2010..

    Isn’t it widely agreed that the ECB raising interest rates in 2010 was the stupidest move in monetary policy since the ’30s?

    You can follow these pencil-necks over the cliff, I’ll pass, thanks.

  7. Rookie says:

    George Will said it beautifully, ‘Obama’s desperate flailing about to justify four more years has sunk into such unhinged smarminess that Romney may have concluded: There is nothing Obama won’t say about me, because he has nothing to say for himself, so I will chose a running mate whose seriousness about large problems and ideas un­derscores what the president has become — silly and small. . . .Romney’s selection of a running mate was, in method and outcome, presidential. It underscores how little in the last four years merits that adjective’.

  8. whskyjack says:

    lol, if you think Ryans pick was presidential…… Say , I’ve got a piece of property that has your name written all over it.

    Romney just lost Florida, that means he lost the election. If you can’t get elected you can’t be presidential.

  9. larstrader says:

    Everyone is so quick in saying that Paul Ryan will “hammer the middle class”. Get real – the middle class and their decedents are already hammered by a $15 trillion deficit. When you add the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare of between $50 and $80 trillion dollars (depending on your assumptions) they’re pretty much screwed.

    The reality is – we’re broke and no amount of “taxing the rich” will fix it. We can tax all the millionaires and billionaires into poverty and it wouldn’t make a dent without reforming spending.

    Voters need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that the politicians have been lying to them for years by promising them benefits they can’t deliver on. Thomas Sowell said it well: “Appearances, rhetoric and emotions are what get them elected. Reality is what the voters and taxpayers are left to deal with, as a result of electing them.”

    Paul Ryan seems like the only adult in the room – at least he’s put his neck on the line and is willing to address the issues. Right or wrong – the conversation has to get started!

  10. EAR says:

    Oh, Rookie. Your kind have no shame, no game and no brain.

    Sure. Obama’s done nothing.

    The Dow, S&P and monthly job losses have done nothing since March 9, 2009… right?

    All of the nothing has happened amid an unprecedented financial crisis here, EU chaos and stagnation, an unprecedented natural disaster in Japan, the Arab Spring, a global economic slowdown, all kinds of tumult.

    He has nothing to say for himself except for I was president while all this happened and we are where we are now. According to how tuned into reality or dishonest you are, your expectations for where we are now reflects what actually happened on the way to this point. I’m sure if it was McCain you’d think he’d deserve more time to fix it all.

    I guess this is what you do after you spend years ‘splainnin to everyone why invading Iraq was a good idea, go hide in your cave for a couple of years and come out sayin’ “W wasn’t one of us. He fooled us. Now O is ruining us.”

    Romney is presidential if you’re casting a bad action movie. But this is reality and reality is he’s a dishonest, lying sack. Look no further than the “you didn’t build that” outrage or the recent welfare deceit. He’s also a sissy who perceives the desire for full financial disclosure from a presidential candidate as some kind of attack. Don’t get me started on his foreign policy. He’s got silly and small covered and then some.

    What exactly is “presidential” about one dishonest trickle downer picking another? Especially when he’s doing it to appease those in his party that DON’T LIKE HIM? Please, can you or George explain?

    It actually transcends presidential because I can’t recall a candidate choosing someone MORE popular in his own party to appease them. Can you?

    George Will is a smarmy, disingenuous, Dennis the Menace haired, clown and you are indeed a Rookie.

  11. ronin says:

    No reason to fret, Obama is going to win a 2nd term. How do I know? Because the Ron Paul supporters will make it so. The GOP establishment cut their nose off in spite of their face. Just having stopped by here via a Ron Paul fan site, I can guarantee that Romney/Paul are going to lose in November….