Fascinating chart via Stratfor:

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12 Responses to “Stratfor: Chinese Investments in Africa”

  1. inconue says:

    What about Land Grab?

  2. louis says:

    Studying the Desert Fox will be on the rise shortly.

  3. RW says:

    China has been very serious about expanding its global commodities empire this past decade — it has many mouths to feed to say nothing of the geopolitical leverage and wealth control of commodities offers — but Africa limns sociocultural problems with Chinese management style, some of which are deadly serious; e.g., Zambian miners kill Chinese manager during pay protest.

  4. jaymaster says:

    And most amazingly, they’re doing it the capitalist way.

    Of course, knowing what I know after doing business in China for 15+ years, I’m sure there’s a heavy dose of corruption involved.

  5. philipat says:

    A very smart strategic move by China to secure resources in an area largely ignored by the West.

  6. gvkent says:

    What has Rommel have to do with this?

  7. paulw says:

    This can’t be happening. Kissinger says the Chinese have no interest in controlling anything beyond their borders.

  8. VennData says:

    Zambian miners kill Chinese manager during pay protest


  9. ilsm says:

    Rommel’s lesson as the lessons of the summer 1942 campaigns in Russia are logistics and distances.

    Hedging their bets in the US.

  10. Bob A says:

    odd that it doesn’t include ‘corporate farming’

  11. My Take says:

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