Conference is $895, but the Early Discounted Registration fee is $499 for first 50 tickets:


Eventbrite - The Big Picture Conference 2012


This is a pretty awesome lineup:

Neil Barofsky
Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program
author Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main St While Rescuing Wall St

Dylan Grice
Société Générale, Investment Strategist
author, Popular Delusions

David Rosenberg
Former Chief Economist Merrill Lynch,
author, Breakfast with Dave

James Bianco
Bianco Research

Michael Belkin
Belkin Report

James O’Shaugnessy
O’Shaugnessy Asset management
author “What Works on Wall Street

Richard Yamarone,
Bloomberg Senior Economist

Bill Gurtin
Gurtin Fixed Income

Josh Brown
The Reformed Broker
author Backstage Wall Street

Sal Arnuk & Joe Saluzzi
Themis Trading
authors Broken Markets: How HFT & Predatory Practices on Wall St are Destroying Investor Confidence + Your Portfolio

Scott Patterson
WSJ Reporter
author Dark Pools, The Quants

and your host, Barry Ritholtz
author Bailout Nation


Eventbrite - The Big Picture Conference 2012

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9 Responses to “TBP Conference: October 10, 2012”

  1. saintshawn29 says:

    Belkin is the man. Saw him in 08 at a Seattle CFA event. He talked about how the FED was going to do a massive expansion of it’s BS and to buy gold to hedge. Not a bad call.

  2. Belkin has had some killer calls the past few years — I am looking forward to seeing him present.

    Bianco crushed it at TBP conf last year — he was totally awesome.

  3. Liquidity Trader says:

    I’ve seen Rosie a few times — excellent presenter (usually bullish on Bonds and Bearish on equities)

    O’Shaughnessey’s book is required reading in my shop.

  4. MorticiaA says:

    Great lineup!

  5. Molesworth says:

    Where are the women?


    BR: We invited a few — two said no (one a conflict, one’s BofA office said No way).

    There is an outstanding invite to a very senior female — we are waiting on a sponsor to pay their speaking fee

  6. wildebeest says:

    Can you get Steve Keen next year?


    BR: I’m the DJ, and the line up is the music that I am listening too at work!

  7. philipat says:

    Wow, great lineup. I wish I was going to be in NYC at that time, but alas no. With a roundtrip Business Class fare to NY from Asia now at about USD 8K+ the once feasible idea of a special trip is now less so. Guess I’ll be watching the videos.

  8. vavoida says:

    yes, awesome!
    for the record, i make the livestream request, again

  9. [...] If you have any questions for Yamarone, please use comments and I will ask him directly tomorrow evening. Alternatively, you can ask him yourself at The Big Picture conference October 10th. [...]