The Island Of Stone Money

Source: NPR

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9 Responses to “What is Money?”

  1. Diarmid Weir says:

    As an example of so-called ‘fiat money’, that has no apparent intrinsic value, this may not be all it seems. There’s a fascinating paper by Dr Dror Goldberg of Bar Ilan University, Israel on this topic.

  2. VennData says:

    And a generation after changing to paper, then electronic currency, the Republicans of Yap, angry at missing the last rally and blaming the Central Banker, forced Yap to return tothe thousand pound rock standard.

  3. Goodliffe says:

    One of money’s civil functions is to make it unnecessary for me to kill my neighbor, whom I like, for his pig. The value he created through time and labor is put away for his future benefit and civilization thrives.

    Kings and money were born simultaneously in history. The big guy with the sword ate well & his neighbors did ok too. Money keeps the peace.

  4. Greg0658 says:

    imo the WhiteStoneDisk money is more retirement funds and/or insurance NOT daily living paper

    thanks for the paper link Diarmid .. what I captured from that was: the perception or anti-perception that a fiat money is good or no-good .. that’s the bottom line isn’t it > the masses will take this stuff now and for the rest of your concerns lives AND no-one will ever be able to shake that perception

    Venns & Goods comments got me looking closer:
    fiats/gold/paper/bits .&. civil function > unnecessary to kill

    does money keep the peace ? was chatting over beers yesterday with a carpenter in christopher hitchens style on the good & evil incarnations of the mind .. I answered & am hash’g it still inside: primal eat or be eaten > is that thing going to eat me

    The O’Jays – Back Stabbers

    ps – I think words keep the peace w/anti-weapons

  5. socaljoe says:

    Money backed by a limited supply of stone carvings seems more sound than money backed by… nothing.

  6. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    The “money backed by a limited supply of stone carvings” works for a while. Until the population increases to the point where there is not enough money to carry out commerce and everyday financial transactions. Then what? The money supply must expand as the population expands. Basic monetary policy. Might want to read up on it a little bit…………

  7. socaljoe says:


    Yes, of course… which is why I said “limited” and not “fixed”.

    When does money supply more closely match population growth… when it is backed by a limited hard asset, or when it is created at the whim of a central banker?

  8. wannabe says:

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    I’ve tested from Mac and Win7 from Home and Win XP from work so I’m pretty sure the problem is not on my end. I hope you fix it soon, miss being able to browse here.

  9. wannabe says:

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    Just giving you more evidence of the problem. Good luck.