The reality is fear and greed are part of the human condition. There are however times when it appears that the greed factor is dominating — I have not yet figured out if this is a cyclical phenomena or something more insidious.

Regardless, I found this amusing:

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29 Responses to “What’s Wrong with Capitalism? Too Much “i””

  1. Jojo says:

    Follow th link and check out the other images for this project. They are very good also!

  2. Frilton Miedman says:

    A boxing match has rules, if one fighter is allowed to pay the ref to allow brass knuckles, it’s no longer a match of ability that leads to the best fighter in the Darwinian contest.

    Capitalism is supposed to be about “I”.

    When we fool ourselves to believe it’s not, and conclude it needs no referee, the trouble starts and it’s no longer about Darwinist competition to become the best, only a contest of who can avoid that contest altogether and yet claim the win.

  3. ilsm says:

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” JK Galbraith

    Conservatives are in thrall of capitalists.

  4. jaymaster says:

    Considering that references to its dangers go back at least 5,000 years, I’d go with “insidious”.

  5. Moss says:

    Representative Democracy has no I. What is more important, Democracy or Capitalism?

    Capitalism is the tail wagging the dog.

  6. Tarkus says:

    It may not be Capitalism that has something wrong with it, but a few who try to redefine it to shoehorn the word into what they are doing.

    The ones who twist it the worst are usually the ones who beat their chest the loudest claiming the title for themselves.

  7. ricecake says:

    That’s an easy question. Capitalism is all about money. Human life is more than just the money. We must let decent people to manage capitalism. That’s where Adam Smith comes in. And Marx as well.

  8. leeward says:

    The question isn’t regulation or no regulation. What are the values expressed by the structure and regulation of our various markets?

    The recent talk here of the financialization of the US economy deserves some reflection in this regard. Add in the new morality of money=speech and it leaves a lot to think about, especially as market participants repeatedly await magical injections of confidence.

  9. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Phil Jackson once told Michael Jordan there is no “i” in team. Michael replied “There is an “i” in win!”

  10. odnalro zeraus says:

    Capitalism, Marxism and, their half-child, Socialism, are, first of all, philosophies and theories mostly about economic life. The application of them in the real world; which comes in many colors, have produced many failures:
    Wall Street, under the guise of Capitalism, has gained control of the democratic power of the people by corrupting the government with their monies to the detriment of the governed.
    Communism, under the guise of Marxism, has deprived the governed of their freedoms by a sole political party control of its citizens rights.
    Socialism; while perhaps more respectful of the governed, has failed to balance social, political and economic life in a way to insure economic growth and enduring well being.
    We must strive to reach for Lincoln’s dream so : “…that government of the people, by the people. for the people. shall not perish from the earth.”

  11. Trevor says:

    More than a couple of decades ago, I saw a graffito that elicited a wry smile:


    (the play on words works well in French). :-)

  12. slowkarma says:

    There has been a recurrent theme here that capitalism=corruption. As if there is no corruption in hard socialist states like China, or soft socialist states like Greece or Italy, or dictatorships like Syria or North Korea…capitalism is just one way of ordering an economy. Corruption is something different, and IMHO, generally derives from bureaucracies, whether corporate or governmental…but bureaucracies are not a central feature of capitalism; they are a different ordering facility aside from economic ordering facilities. That’s why this cartoon is just another reason for hating the media, which systematically distorts the realities of the day for the banal reason that creating sensation is cheaper and more temporarily interesting than discovering and processing real information. I know more about Kim Kardashian’s ass than I do about how Knight almost went down, and I do not find that financially reassuring.

  13. ToNYC says:

    Inheritance kills the Meritocracy, like Tenure kills the University. Use it and lose it at the end, get over it. The human race is only run once; you want the best to be proven earning it or we all know we lose. Short of that I sell you free beer tomorrow.

  14. victor says:

    Capitalism is an economic system only and works well with smart regulation (bridled capitalism). In an economy such as ours where 1) finances dominate, like in “Letting money do the hard work instead of working hard for the money “, 2) manufacturing is leaving our shores for several reasons, mostly politically induced and 3) cronyism has reached an alarming level, expect problems, as they say: No good. And again please: Socialism and Communism are part of Marxism which is an economic AND sociopolitical system; capitalism is not.

  15. KRG says:

    No “ism” guarantees enlightened governance or industry. They all end up creating their own rent-seekers !

  16. ReductiMat says:

    Curiosity is on the ground! All for the bargain basement price of 1% of the bailout of the TBTF asshats.

  17. Arequipa01 says:

    I submit that projecting on to an economic modality like capitalism our disaffections, anger, dissatisfactions is a mistake. It’s like complaining about rock n roll because we don’t like how it’s being played. There is a big difference between rock and roll played by a person like Jimi Hendrix as opposed to a person like Yngwie Malsteem. All the virtuosity in the world cannot mask the lack of soul. It isn’t the system. It is us. And moreover, it isn’t fully the fault of the sociopaths and the psychopaths. It is our fault. We allow it, we want it.

    Here is a curse in Gaelic that all of us who suckle at the teat of this monster merit:

    Má ithis, nar chacair! (May you eat your fill, and never shit.)

  18. McMike says:

    Capitalism, seriously, the regulators are trying their best to stimulate?

  19. Winston Munn says:

    Ayn Rand called; she is not amused.

  20. “…Capitalism, seriously, the regulators are trying their best to stimulate?…”-McMike, above


    that which We cannot define will, continue to, Enslave Us.

    yon’ Ritholtz,

    you had Posted an excellent ‘toon, awhile back..

    ~”Socialism for the Rich, Capitalism for the Poor..”

    differently, that Schema trends toward Totalitarianism, not Liberty..

  21. DeDude says:

    The problem with capitalism is that it became so predatory that it started eating itself.

  22. Jim67545 says:

    There is nothing wrong with capitalism. It is the nature of humans to try to improve their circumstances. This is a key, perhaps THE key, difference that elevated humans above chimps and other creatures. Capitalism is nothing but a system that we use to explain that natural tendency applied to business.

    It is also natural for people to employ means that are illegal and/or destructive to others. After all, if I improve myself, to a degree it is at your expense. We pass laws to limit and channel that desire for improvement into socially acceptable avenues. For example, we make burglary illegal.

    What happened a decade or so ago, as has been explained amply in TBP, is 1. that after a period of comparative obedience to certain laws, folks wishing more latitude convinced legislators that since violations were few and the subject somewhat obscure that there was no need for the law at all. Goodbye controls. And, 2. enterprising persons found a multitude of ways within the enormous complexity that has become our government to tweak, privately delete, help word, purchase poodle legislators to introduce self-benefitting legislation, purchase entire political parties, etc. It is this hidden termite-like eating away of our democracy and laws that is distorting capitalism/society. Few know and fewer seem to care. We are so f–ked.

  23. Greg0658 says:

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    strange the thread topic “typesetting” is

    i be watching for more + developments :-)

  24. eliz says:

    The basic idea behind the “Capitalism experiment” is to create value: the best and widest range of products and services at the best prices. This can only happen in COMPETITIVE markets. Yet COMPETITIVE markets are an ANATHEMA to the SELF-INTEREST (“i”!) that propels some people and businesses towards MONOPOLY or MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION (a few big players). Unless Monopolies and Monopolistic Competition are kept at bay (with concentrations of wealth smaller and more numerous), you end up with at a place similar to where we are today – and where we are headed.

  25. eliz,

    to your Point..

    yon’ QOTD..

    “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It is to see my dividends coming in.”
    —John D. Rockefeller



    seems, rather, straight-forward to posit that that (those) have been ‘Guiding *Principals’ for many Moon..


    “You” choose..

    or, We can, as the, now, popular Commercial intimates..”Stay Passive, my Friends..”

  27. Defining Quality says:
    The financial world has been made evermore complex. Complexity driven by human nature. A nature driven by the root of all the world’s evils since the beginning of recorded history.
    WE THE PEOPLE can change our collective futures, but it will only occur if we ELIMINATE all CentaMillionaire$ and Billionaire% world wide through major Tax Reform.
    A 100% tax on all net worth and income when they collectively exceed $10,000,000.
    The world does not need to be manipulated by greedy malignant narcissists who only care about themselves. Removing the possibility of socially manipulating greed will change the future – something the world’s greedy fear more than death!
    The 7 Natures of man – aka The seven Deadly Sins – are part and parcel of human history. Greed and Pride – play a huge roll in the creation of Malignant Narcissists who REALLY believe they ARE better than everyone else and DESERVE to have MORE of everything. THINK!
    CentaMillionaire$ & Billionaire$ onlt exit today because governments have always been controlled by them and for there benefit. The 99% are kept in the dark – and stolen from!
    We The People pay for all corruption- 7 Billion of us World Wide are the “Free Market” created by them to feed their GREED – we allow them to steal from us in hopes that they won’t use their wealth to buy Armies and kill us if we protest TOO LOUDLY
    Clearly – Fear is the weapon of choice of GREED!

  28. Frwip says:

    Yes, there is too much “i” in capitalism right now.

    Moral considerations and sweeping statements on human nature set aside, it may have some interesting consequences on the structure of businesses and their architecture of control.

    That excess of “i”, essentially a business climate where everything and anything is fair game, can translate in something very concrete, higher effective transaction costs, under the form of excessive requirements of due diligence and protection against breach of implicit contract terms.

    If it is really so and the trend goes far enough, then we may see, gasp, integrated conglomerates rise again, the lower costs of control – most transactions being internal to the conglomerate, hence not subject to contractual uncertainty – compensating the gross inherent inefficiencies of this type of organization.

    Interesting times, really.

  29. algernon says:

    Capitalism hardly describes what we have in America.