Sure it is . . .

Some say it’s a money pit, but others say owning a yacht is worth every penny. Dow Jones Wealth Adviser’s Veronica Dagher takes a sail on a Swan 48 to find out the answer.

8/3/2012 2:43:43 PM3:31

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6 Responses to “Why A Yacht Is a Good Investment (haha)”

  1. NotAMathWhiz says:

    A boat is a hole in the water into which you through money.

  2. Through the Looking Glass says:

    I live next to a boat harbor in Ventura California that was once full with a waiting line to get in to have a dock slip for your boat as there was no dock space in Ca. back 5 years ago. I’ve seen the slips open up and then a few years ago many of the hundreds of docks became 1/2 full now I dont know the stats. Ive asked around “where did all the boats go?” Is there a 100 acre lot somewhere in the desert full of these boats? Some say to U-storage lots or driveways but so many boats gone and Im sure its the same up and down every coast. I also wondered how many are for sale now? and a Harbor patrolman said “they are all for sale” half jokingly but he has a point. Who has the money to pay $10/foot per month slip fees or more for something as un- used as a boat. Ill bet some of…no most of the docked boats are used only a few times a year and you cant live on them around here. Ive owned a boat and yep the old saying is true : “There are two great moments in a boat owner’s life …the day he buys it and the day he sells it”
    Check your local Craigslist if you want to steal a boat but watch out! its yours after you buy it!

  3. bmz says:

    You guys are really talking about power boats–which are bought primarily as a status symbol. Similar to the video, my sailboat paid for itself in my increased longevity and sanity.

  4. Through the Looking Glass says:

    Wrong assumption there bmz but thanks for trying to tell me what Im talking about. We aren’t on a lake here so you can get that picture of a lot of little power boats buzzing around In fact the powerboats are large multilevel. Most of the boats here are sailboats with a much smaller percentage of powerboats and there are very few sailboats small enough to trailer to a home driveway.

  5. CB says:

    The video points out the key factor of how much time you will actually sail. Renting (chartering) a yacht for a few weeks or even a month can often be much better than owning, maintaining and storing one full time. But if you plan to sail often that Swan 48 is one sweet boat.

  6. jaymaster says:

    I second that, and add RV’s to the list.

    Mine sits rotting in my driveway as a monument to my stupidity.

    One of these days, I guess I’m going to have to call The Salvation Army and let them haul it off as a donation.

    Meanwhile, I’ve parked it under the most precariously leaning tree on my property, hoping for a windfall….