My reads to start your week:

• Searching for a Speed Limit in High-Frequency Trading (NYT)
• The growing risk of shorting China stocks (FT Alphaville)
• Fed Stuck at Zero Into 2015 Seen in Swaps, QE Odds Reach 99% (Bloomberg) see also Bernanke Options to Boost Growth Include Open-Ended QE (Bloomberg)
• The Bailout: By The Actual Numbers (Pro Publica)
• Technology Stocks With Record Dividends Send Bearish Signal (Bloomberg)
• Bigger Than Countrywide? Bribes To Lawmakers Coordinated By The Mortgage Bankers Association (Republic Report)
• Good News from Europe? Eh. (Barron’ssee also Euro Crisis Faces Tests in German Court, Greek Infighting (Bloomberg)
• Wells Fargo Mistakenly Cleans Out Retired Couple’s Home Twice (Yahoo Finance)
• The GOP convention negative bounce: a final look (Princeton Election Consortium) see also Republicans Losing Election Law War as Campaign Ramps Up (Bloomberg)
Call It as You See It: The correct approach to statistical modeling  (NYT)

What are you reading?


Bad Timing on Buybacks

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7 Responses to “10 Monday AM Reads”

  1. Disinfectant says:

    Big arbitrage opportunity if the NYT blog is right about Obama having an 81% chance of being re-elected. Intrade odds are at 59%. Who is going to step in and close the spread?

  2. AHodge says:

    nice about bribes to lawmakers from the MBA
    but low cost loans are small potatoes
    the MBA is part of the FAIR VALUE COALITION
    fundraising co ordinated by the Chamber of commerce you can google it
    while the FVA lobbies exclusively about accounting there are huge $ going into this
    they are respnsible for getting herz fired and disappearig his accounting the right way

    as for a good electoral count and who wins
    this is excellent stuff and the best of the poll based
    i still like bookie odds at this point or the iowa markets which show Obama rising and about a 2/1 chance to win not 80%

    there is a lotof D smoke blowing about their troubles mainly to keep the base energised
    i would not offer better than 2/1 for a Romney bettor there is a long way to go but lokking good for O.

  3. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    Tom McClellan – “Election Year Differences”

    Tom illustrates differences between incumbant presidential election cycle patterns and newly elected presidential election cycles. The patterns show a fairly large divergence in this, the 4th year of the cycle. The incumbant sample size is likely on the border of being statistically significant, but it’s still quite interesting.

  4. crutcher says:


    Arbitrage how? Blogs are not a market. Arbitrage means gaming spreads between different markets.

  5. AHodge says:
    the latest iowa markets
    Obama a solid 2/1 favorite and at new highs as Rs got almost no convention bounce and Ds got a good one
    or at least extension of trend. its O’s to lose

  6. formerlawyer says:

    Today’s WTF headline..15% of Ohio Republicans credit Mitt Romney with Osama Bin Landens death?