My afternoon train reading:

• Late-Stage, High-Risk (Hussman Funds)
• IPO Market Poised to Perk Up (WSJ)
• ETFs: Why so complicated? (CNN Money)
Shocker! Tougher Dodd-Frank Fiduciary Standard for Brokers Stalled (Bloomberg)
• What Remains of the European Union (The Nation)
• How technology is killing the Asian growth miracle (FT Alphaville) see also On China (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
• Monetary Policy and Pre Election Politics (MacroAdvisors)
• We spend $750 billion on unnecessary health care. Here’s why. (Washington Post)
WTF? HP introduces new Apple iMac (The Next Web)
• Making Money While Keeping Prices Low: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Explains It All (All Things D) see also Google Struggles to Unseat Amazon as the Web’s Most Popular Mall (NYT)

What are you reading?


Banks Rethink Executive Pay

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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18 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. James Cameron says:


    “If CEOs were as vague, fast and loose with the facts as our candidates are, they would be in big trouble. How sad is it that our Presidential candidates are not required to hold the same levels of fact as our corporate leaders are.”

    Are Better Off Today Than We Were 4 Years Ago …Part 1, Mark Cuban

  2. NoKidding says:

    First sentence of ice cap story:

    “The Arctic ice cap is melting at a startlingly rapid rate and may shrink to its smallest-ever level within weeks as the planet’s temperatures rise, US scientists said Tuesday”

    Now go fact check that. You’ll find that its the low point in a 30 year record, and that the arctic has been ice free more than a few times on the longer record.

    Emotion check it by considering the time series (NOAA is available in several formats in several sites) as a stock index like the S&P500 and ask yourself “is this change dramatic?”. I would not invest in “more ice” right now, but “less ice next year” looks like dead money too.

    Go the extra step and consider last week’s satellite survey that had ice mass increasing on the South pole at the same time.

  3. willid3 says:

    not sure that CEO’s are any better that politicians running for office. in fact i am pretty sure they are no better. cause they will say almost any thing as often as the politicians will. it just doesn’t get noticed as much (some reason we dont have any fact checkers for them).

  4. willid3 says:

    what the law has been changed. its now code.

    and guess what? that code was probably written offshore
    so now that we have our sourced our laws to the lowest cost coder
    we get unexpected results

  5. willid3 says:

    what ‘small’ business wont tell you

    1. “We only look small next to Exxon.”
    2. “We’re not the job creators you think we are.”
    3. “We don’t have any monopoly on innovation.”
    4. “We’re a bunch of white guys.”
    5. “You’re better off working for a megacorp.”
    6. “Others have regulators, we’ve got a friend…”
    7. “…And that’s just a taste of the gravy we get from Uncle Sam.”
    8. “The tax code favors us–when we pay.”
    9. “We’re old buddies with politicians.”
    10. “The local press handles our PR.”

  6. A says:

    Thanks Barry – especially good set of links today.

  7. Orange14 says:

    Is John Hussman to smart for his own good? I mean seriously, how can someone who is supposed to be that smart constantly miss out on what the market is doing. At least Bruce Berkowitz may have a bad year but then more than makes up for it.

  8. formerlawyer says:

    Confessions of a repentant Republican.

  9. jonhendry says:

    NoKidding wrote: “Go the extra step and consider last week’s satellite survey that had ice mass increasing on the South pole at the same time.”

    You do know it’s winter at the south pole, right?

  10. ilsm says:

    Hey Nokidding,

    Check wiki:

    “There is currently no scientific evidence that a seasonally ice-free Arctic Ocean existed anytime in the last 700,000 years, although there were periods when the Arctic was warmer than it is today.[11][12] Scientists are studying possible causal factors such as direct changes resulting from the greenhouse effect as well as indirect changes such as unusual wind patterns,[13] rising Arctic temperatures,[14″…………

  11. AHodge says:

    these are all i watch especially early they far bettr than polls
    and also have the odds precalculated and spit out
    this is what i watch with o up to close to 70%
    bettors have access to the polls as input, and they are not or should not be betting on how they feel now or thier vote. I know i know
    but theyshould be guessing Nov behavior or throwing their money away
    i was wondering if the real bookies like Intrade might be better
    Iowa has a tlot of limitations and rule
    but those Intrade volumes not impressive, maybe no better than iowa
    this closeto november you can start watching polls
    but i just look at swing state and stuff like your excellent yesterday

  12. Giovanni says:

    Have never understood why people think Apple keyboards and mice are so cool, functionality very low compared to other designs and there’s no 10-key pad. That HP would copy that, HP of all companies, total fail.