Some Afternoon Jewish New Year reads:

• Face It: 2013 Is Gonna Be a Bummer (Businessweek)
• ETFs Overtaking Swaps for Junk-Bond Speculation (Bloomberg) see also First big victim of 2nd Circuit’s MBS standing opinion: JPMorgan (Reuters)
• Wall Street Walks as Defense, Tech Back Obama’s Campaign (Bloomberg)
• L.A.’s Transit Revolution (Slate)
• Tim Harford on Unexpected Economics (Browser)
• 10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral (Email Charter)
• The Science of Pomato Plants and Fruit Salad Trees (Scientific American)
• Apple: iPhone 5 pre-orders topped 2M in 24 hours (USA Today)
• Is there even less Arctic sea ice than the satellites show? (Guardian)
• A First: Organs Tailor-Made With Body’s Own Cells (NYT)

What are you reading?


U.S. Balks at GM: Plan Government Is Reluctant to Sell Auto Stake at a Huge Loss


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11 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    company PR is creating news for news organizations?

  2. James Cameron says:

    “The $395.7 billion F-35 acquisition program has been subject to criticism for years for ballooning costs. The $395.7 billion estimate is a 70 percent increase from the $233 billion projected in late 2001, when development began, after adjusting for inflation.”

    Air Force Official Slams Lockheed Martin on F-35 Program

    By the time these systems are deployed – generally in far fewer numbers than originally planned – one wonders what relevance or value they still have, aside from the immense waste of scarce dollars (only 21 B-2 bombers were ever built . . . out of 132 initially planned).

    These programs are a scandal.

  3. willid3 says:

    is your every day software broken? is the solution to almost every problem reboot?

  4. The Retired CNBC Sucks says:

    L’shana tova, Ritholtz.

    I have been reading various articles about the Muslim uproar. In reading through the comments, it seems that many Americans have bought into the Bakken oil story and think all the US has to do is “drill, baby, drill” and all our energy problems will be solved and we can say goodbye to the Middle East forever. One commenter said: “Time to start producing our own oil”. Another echoed a common sentiment: “Het folks….Can we leave YET? Can we keep our money at home YET? Can we bring all our troops home YET? Can we be done with the Middle East and let them rot YET (sic)”

    Citibank wrote recently that Saudi Arabia might be a net oil importer by 2030, so we will find out soon enough just how much oil there is in them there hills in them there Dakotas.

  5. DSS10 says:

    A little Mitt video nugget….

  6. Jim67545 says:

    The Tim Harford review ended with an interesting perspective on the financial crisis – and one which goes a ways to explain how deep it was and how slow we are recovering:

    “It’s a bit like climbing a mountain. You’re roped together, and you think the rope is making you all safer. Then, suddenly, a couple of people fall off. You realise that it’s the rope that’s dragging you all off the cliff – even people who were never in trouble themselves.”

    The safety rope he is referring to is CDS and packaging and selling off sub-primes. But, the same financial relationship pulled down millions of families and thousands of businesses too.

  7. willid3 says:

    the only real way to get off foreign oil is to reduce our use of it. and of course you have to ignore that Canada and Mexico are the biggest source of oil for us. and they are still foreign in strict terms. and we will barely keep be able to keep up in new finds to replace oil fields that play out. and all of them will play out,

  8. uzer says:

    “Wall Street Walks as Defense, Tech Back Obama’s Campaign”

    that’s a meme, right?

    people are expected to believe obama really isn’t the most bankster friendly president?

    zero prosecutions, but obama really burned them with his wall street wasn’t fraudulent, just “immoral, inappropriate and reckless” comments.

    sadly, people are gullible enough to believe it, aren’t they?

  9. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    “Japan Tooth Patch Could Be End of Tooth Decay” (talk about creative destruction in the dental field, this would probably put 80% of dentists out of work).

    AFP – Scientists in Japan have created a microscopically thin film that can coat individual teeth to prevent decay or to make them appear whiter, the chief researcher said.

    The “tooth patch” is a hard-wearing and ultra-flexible material made from hydroxyapatite, the main mineral in tooth enamel, that could also mean an end to sensitive teeth.

    “This is the world’s first flexible apatite sheet, which we hope to use to protect teeth or repair damaged enamel,” said Shigeki Hontsu, professor at Kinki University’s Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology in western Japan.

    “Dentists used to think an all-apatite sheet was just a dream, but we are aiming to create artificial enamel,” the outermost layer of a tooth, he said earlier this month.