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10 Tuesday PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On September 11, 2012 @ 4:30 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My train back home reads:

• End to ‘alpha’ spells trouble for fund managers (FT.com [1])
•  This economy could be as good as it gets (Reuters [2])
• The not-so-secret iPhone 5: What to expect from Apple’s event (Gigaom [3])
• One for the China bull(s) (FT Alphaville [4])
• Time for Congress to Wean U.S. Banks From an Outdated Crisis Backstop (WSJ [5]) see also Triaxx’s spoiler play in ResCap MBS deal (Reuters [6])
• Good for business? Why corporate lawyers give bad marks to Chicago, L.A (Yahoo Finance [7])
• Fiscal cliff. Market crash. Depression: A way out (Market Watch [8]) see also Fight the Good Fight Against Fees, Tax Inefficiency (Turnkey Analyst [9])
Fun with Cognitive Dissonance: Record Partisan Gap in Views of Economic News (Pew Research [10])
I cant drive 85: Texas Reclaims Title of Fastest in USA (NYT [11])
• The New New Girl: Mindy Kaling Promotes Herself Out of The Office and Into The Mindy Project (Vulture [12])

What are you reading?


Many New Jobs Created in Low-Wage Industries
Source: WSJ [14]

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