This is the first anniversary of 9/11 where Justice has been served. It is 11 years later and the wounds still seem fresh. Even the NYC weather — bright, crisp autumnal sunshine — feels similar.

Each year, I try my best to avoid writing anything about September 11th. Given the history, it has become nearly unavoidable. Rather than write something new, I will instead point you to my experiences that day (which I wrote on the evening of 9/11). I was the Market Strategist for a firm headquartered at 2 WTC. I was fortunate to be in the LI office as events unfolded. I managed to get my head trader on the phone, and he gave me a full play by play of what was occurring to him in real time, until the towers went down and broke our phone connection.

I put all of what he said down on paper, and published it the next day: A Personal Recollection From a Day of Horror (September 12th, 2001).

There is nothing else for me to add . . .

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3 Responses to “9/11 Recollections”

  1. whodunit says:

    Hi Barry. I am a firefighter, 25 years and counting right outside Boston. I am typing this from my firehouse after working a 24 . I wake up like any other day, feeling pretty good. Then read this, and at the same time get a station announcement about remembering 9-11. The tidal wave of emotions can’t be described.

    My heart goes out to the civilians and trader community for those lost.

    My appreciation goes out to those in uniform who responded that day, and who protect us each day.

    Each one of those emergency responders knew that day at some point, they might just die, but went anyways. What can you say to that, except thanks.

  2. jonhendry says:

    “This is the first anniversary of 9/11 where Justice has been served. ”

    Wasn’t that last year? OBL was shot May of 2011.

  3. crutcher says:

    About fouty thousand people will die in car accidents on the United States this year.