A team of theoretical physicists at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University has proposed that the start of the Universe should be modeled not as a Big Bang but more like water freezing into ice.



Source: Sci-News

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5 Responses to “Australian Study Challenges Big Bang Theory”

  1. gloeschi says:

    First stars “about 400 million years” ago? Some fossils on earth are older than that. I don’t get this chart.

  2. Seth says:

    @ gloeschi

    Scale runs from zero at the left.

  3. dlavine says:

    In other words, 400 million years after the Big Bang, not 400 million years ago.

  4. DanCorradetti says:

    I read the the article from the Australians. The title seems a little bit tricky since they are revising the way of thinking how stuff is cooling off in the early universe in order to detect if there are traces of an elementary microstructure in the space-time. So the real challenge is with General Relativity and the nature of Space-Time more the with the Big Bang Theory pro sé.

  5. DanCorradetti says:

    “per sé”, sorry for my english