I mentioned last month that I was getting ready to do a major update to the site.

I’m now working through the second iteration of the design concept. So far, we’ve gotten rid of the Tabs and most of the clutter. The color scheme and design language are still being worked through.

Some of the changes that I really like:

-Replacing most of the full length posts with a headline and a few sentences, expand on click;

-New mobile version for tablets and smart phones (iPad/iPhone)

-Much faster load times;

-Radically simplified navigation;

-Using Icons to replace/identify 4 subjects previously in Tabs: Think Tank, Video, BookShelf and Weekend.

-Tighter integration of Social Media, RSS and Email into the design

-Cleaner & lighter layout

-Creation of a new email newsletter than the blog.

Lots more in the hopper, I hope to launch full new version sometime in October. I will keep the updates coming as things develop . . .

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13 Responses to “Blog Redesign Update”

  1. cgb22 says:

    Would like to ask that you not be a iPhone/Android snob and ensure that windows 7 and windows 8 phones can get to the mobile site.

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    No corporate crossbranding with, say, The Fed & Hooters?

  3. NAMeyer says:

    I can deal with a few sentences below the headline, so long as the few sentences summarize the direction of the posting, rather than the intro paragraph. I’m not going to click on something that amounts to a teaser. I have better things to do.

    I’m considering a Nexus (or maybe a Kindle Fire 2) tablet, so please don’t limit tablet viewing to iPads. My husband might get upset if I appropriated his iPad. Also, I’ll likely get an Android Smartphone in the near future, since the battery’s finally dying in the LG ENV II.

    No problems w/ points 3 & 4.

    FWIW, I get enough e-mail, thank you. What would distinguish between what I would consider important e-mails and what you consider important e-mails>

    Please use a tool-tips-type reminder for your icons. I visit many sites.

    No interest in social media. It’s an invitation to security problems, along with keeping me busy responding to random interruptions.

  4. HowardA says:

    For what it’s worth I vote AGAINST “Replacing most of the full length posts with a headline and a few sentences, expand on click“. It’s analagous to presenting a table of contents as opposed to the front page of a newspaper. I prefer the current approach where you get to read a few paragraphs of the entry before you decide to open it up and read the rest of the entry plus all the comments. The current approach is very satisfying!

  5. I currently run 10 full length posts on the front page, and given how heavy then tend to be with charts and graphics, it can be slow loading as a few have noted.

    Perhaps the compromise is the first 3 posts are complete and the rest are headlines/sentence format

  6. gkm says:

    I would ask that BR posts be prefaced with “BR:”. The reason is I prefer to access the blog via Google Reader and you can’t tell whose posts are whose there. BR’s posts are useful. The rest are for the most part pure bunk.

    I know content is king but some can probably be more of a detriment to long term readership than you may be aware.

  7. petessake says:

    Less white space, please. Far less white space.

  8. boveri says:

    1) I second the recommendation that BR posts be prefaced BR. Always nice to know who you are reading.

    2) I like the current format just fine and have never had a problem loading anything.

  9. kurtwestphal says:

    excited about the redesign Barry
    if your looking for fresh eyes and some help, let me know.

    re the mobile first initiative excellent

    re the summary + click, make sure the content is useful, engaging and complete, this
    is a much better idea for mobile and heavy page weights, with background loading of assets, but make sure
    it doesn’t end up like meriam-webster 3 text lines of useless introduction for a definition

    you could support a different layout for desktop… as long as that aligns with your overall
    site redesign goals, and objectives. some kind of templatized content management engine, for targeting different devices/browsers etc.

    re win7/8, market share is very small and unlikely to grow much for windows phones,
    I suggest a browser/web view for non natively support browsers, and leave it at that
    until MSFT can develope some significant market share, justifying the development costs.

    social is good for authenticating, convenient and appealing to the upwardly mobile Gen Y/Zs, security and privacy can be a problem where 3rd parties employee open source and libraries, where vulnerabilities are discovered, you essentially inherit some if not all of the security governance employed by all of your touchpoint partners… NAMeyers point well taken.

    I also like the Anna/BR or some sort of indicator of the ‘creator’ of the article, i use RSS feeds, great suggestion.

    less white space too unless it’s a mobile user agent.

  10. So long as the full-length article shows up on google reader RSS, I’ll be a happy camper. TheVerge (a tech site) shows the first paragraph of its content, but then you have to click more to read the content on the RSS feeder. Consequently I end up never wanting to be reading theVerge content.

  11. Kim53 says:

    iPhone app – I’ll be able to read it in the bathroom – yes!

  12. froodish says:

    Please don’t cripple things for the iPad. “Normal” desktop sites work fine on the iPad. At the very least allow tablet users a choice to view the desktop version (cookie them and remember their choice).

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