Call it the luck of the random click: Chasing down some link, I happened across this fantastic collection of Prinmce songs

Matt Thorne, author of a new biography of the purple one, titled Prince: a Celebration, chooses 20 little-known Prince gems.

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20. F.U.N.K. (internet-only, 2007)
19. U Will B … With Me (unreleased, 2011)
18. Just as Long As We’re Together (For You, 1978)
17. Can I Play With U? (unreleased, 1985)
16. Billy (unreleased, 1984)
15. Dance With The Devil (unreleased, 1989)
14 Future Soul Song (20Ten, 2010)
13 The War (tape-release, 1998)
12 Love (3121, 2006)
11 Moonbeam Levels (unreleased, 1982)
10 Xenophobia (One Nite Alone…Live!, 2002)
9 Space (Universal Love Remix, maxi-single, 1994)
8 Colonized Mind (Lotusflow3r, 2009)
7 Mutiny (The Family, 1985)
6 Empty Room (C-Note, 2003)
5 Wasted Kisses (New Power Soul, 1998)
4 All My Dreams (unreleased,1985)
3 Others Here With Us (unreleased, 1985)
2 Electric Intercourse (unreleased, 1983)
1 Crystal Ball (unreleased, 1998)


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Can I Play With U? – Miles Davis/Prince


The Family – 02 – Mutiny


The 20 best Prince songs you’ve never heard
Matt Thorne
The Guardian, Thursday 27 September 2012

Category: Friday Night Jazz, Music

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8 Responses to “Friday Night Jazz Funk: 20 best Prince songs you’ve never heard”

  1. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    This week while channel surfing I ran across a Prince video from 1979 for “I Feel for You” from his self-titled debut album.

    I had no idea he had recorded the song Chaka Khan made famous in 1984. I also had forgotten he originally wrote it.

    The Artist is incredibly prolific, and he puts on incredible shows. I do wonder how many ankles he’s sprained from wearing all those platform shoes to boost his diminutive frame. That’s gotta hurt if he’s ever had it happen.

  2. sinful mistress says:

    MTV had a special many years ago. Prince at the Bosophorous Rooms with the Staples. Best blues performance ever. I have never seen or heard about it since. Any clues out there??

  3. TheInterest says:

    Prince and Miles Davis? Thanks BR for the find!

  4. CharlesII says:

    Since we’re doing entertainment, check Netanyahu’s Bibi Boom

    I love the Internet.

  5. rktbrkr says:

    Fun flashing back to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

    Another artist of that era who is making a comeback – but without a name change is Adam Ant. Another shorty who prances to his own beat, “I’m the dandy highwayman” (Stand and Deliver).

    His present comeback continues and thrives despite concerns about such activities being merely another symptom of the mental health issues which were in considerable part responsible for his lengthy spell of near-inactivity spanning the late 1990s and 2000s.

  6. VennData says:

    …. that these dancing clowns call themselves “artists” always cracks me up.

  7. scottinnj says:

    Based on total body of work, live performance you can make a very good case he’s the best musician to emerge from Minnesota (even better than that Zimmerman guy)