Bloomberg Surveillance

Bloomberg Surveillance


I am going to be guest hosting on Bloomberg TV/Radio this morning with Tom Keene and Sara Eisen from at 6:00 am – 7:00 am.

Subjects we are discussing:

1. Investing: New Quarter starts next week — it been a good YTD — will managers just run out the clock?

2. How Good an Investment Were the Bailouts really ?

3. Economy: Signs of Slowing Europe (Porsche and Mercedes are warning of a slowdown)

4. Politics: What is behind the Romney Tax issue? (Your taxes are going up next year regardless o who wins)

5. Real Estate: What does the uptick in Foreclosures mean for (so-called) recovery?

The live TV streams here.



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2 Responses to “Guest Hosting Bloomberg TV (Today 6-7am)”

  1. PeterR says:

    Sorry to miss this. Could you post appearances like this the day before maybe, Barry?

    We live in interesting times . . .


    BR: All the videos will be online eventually — I will post them tomorrow

  2. Rightline says:

    BR- always professional, respectful, and informative. Even when seated next to someone with an opposing view. I don’t miss CNBS one bit.