Luskin: The FOMC’s Decision Was Problematic

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11 Responses to “Luskin Says Sell Stocks”

  1. blakegoud says:

    “Paul Ryan is one of the top economic minds in the Republican party”. That might be a problem.

  2. Moss says:

    This guy is so wedded to an ideology it is comical. Quite frankly I thought he has back in Disney Land.

  3. Disinfectant says:

    Luskin and bozos like him probably sold all their stocks in January 2009 and never bought back, so I’m not sure his opinion is much of a contrarian indicator at this time.

  4. VennData says:

    Partisan political polemics work. He’s got a nice creche of suckers who are emotionally in sync with his spin. It’s a business model: fan the political emotions of people with money and charge them to “manage” it.
    Until people are sober about building an asset allocation, accept that they caanot know the future, and deal with the unlikely event that they will get rich quick, they will be bitches for people like Luskin.
    So Luskin told everyone Obama’s policies wouldn’t work with the S&P at less than half its value, why would he be right now? And anyone who believes him and ignores that glaring data point is emotional, not logical. They are reading Rupert Murdock’s message from Karl Rove that “Obama did say it would be easy,” and other howlers… believing, and getting fleeced.
    You GOP genuflectors are suckers for these charlatans… and until you deal I facts, you will continue to be theirs.
    You’re a sucker GOP genuflector. And you think everyone else is… look around the poker table… How have you done since March 2009?

  5. jashead says:

    I am stunned by the lack of thought, research, reflection, knowledge on the part of these two clowns. Following the Cramer approach of speaking at you in the loudest voice possible because loud conflates with truth the clown guest makes some extraordinary claims which anyone on the extreme right would be happy to lap up. No facts here, move along.

    HOWEVER, the major issue with these clowns is this. QE is not intended to move the market upward, whether the market goes up or down on these or other indicators of the day is only of import to day traders. The market does not matter in relation to the economy, ie the market is ultimately just that a market reflecting the sentiments of the thousands upon thousands of traders. The economy is real (the market is surreal) what matters and anyone who has a modicum of history and paid attention within the last four years (ie read the evidence) knows that the fiscal stimulus worked in relation to its size and that if the Fed were to give a fixed figure of inflation toward which they will act with their monetary stimulus they will help other forms of stimulus toward recovery. Monetary stimulus will work just not as well as if was teamed with fiscal stimulus, financial regulation, and the brains to implement (something that is sorely lacking among the leadership of the various countries).

    However listening to these clowns helps nothing including your blood pressure.

    And, is the guy pretending to look and act like Phil Hartman really unaware of what he is doing?

  6. denim says:

    I am not an economist and neither are Kudlow and Luskin. If Bernanke is buying mortgages then investors are going to be selling mortgages. The cash then goes into equities…like now.

  7. contrabandista13 says:

    I love it….!

  8. Disinfectant says:

    denim, if investor cash is going into equities, then who is selling equities? Hint: it’s the same group that is buying them.

  9. dead hobo says:

    He said what!!? Damn him to hell. I just bought a pant load. Now I feel like puking all over myself like the e-trade baby. Does this mean I have to give back the money I made from what I bought yesterday? What about all those poor saps who dumped treasuries today like they were rotting corpses? Cash for the mattress, if they’re smart.

  10. Peter Davies says:

    Once again, a perfect example of why only masochists or idiots bother to watch Kudlow. Luskin has long been his ass-kisser in chief. In my last masochistic/idiotic episode I watched part of a program about 3 months ago. Apart from Luskin, he had a truly awful woman on called Jennifer Rubin – a sort of cross between Dracula’s daughter and Michelle Bachmann. No wonder CNBC’s rating are tanking. I suspect there will be a big house cleaning after the election.