Former investment banker and D.C. lobbyist Jeff Connaughton joins Markets Hub to discuss why several years since the financial crisis, no executives have been charged with wrongdoing.

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2 Responses to “Post-Crisis Banking: ‘Why Wall Street Always Wins:’”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    The governers of my government are the highest bidders –

  2. blackjaquekerouac says:

    but the banks have been the worst place to invest. Wall Street business has collapsed. the City’s and State’s finances are in total ruin. and of course Total War on Islam proceeds apace. If this is your idea of “victory” i’d like to know what defeat looks like. Only the War Pigs have won. There now stands more canon fodder in the USA than at any time in its history…with no intention of making anything but going forward. This is an epic failure of the bulk of the institutions that have undergirded the USA for decades…big corporations, tech and the Army are the clear winners…now and going forward for DECADES. the American people will look at anyone in the media and realize they were the one’s driving the getaway car when their middle class lifestyle was obliterated by their New York City masters Watching Rahm Emmanuel wax philosophic about how lazy and worthless school teachers are sums it all to me. Well…that and reading the New York Times trying to lecture the City of Chicago on “the right way to run a public school system”! hahahahahaha! screw you New York City! The world DESPISES you and so does the totality of the USA. You people have destroyed the American way of life…and you continue to celebrate it with your Adolph Eichmann media henchmen leading the way. As a life long Yankees fan all i have to say is “it’s a good thing you’re used to the Bronx cheer” because you’re going to here from everyone now.