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11 Responses to “Where Will the Jobs Be In 2020?”

  1. nyet says:

    Assuming big brother will not yank the card board underneath grandma’s 2 little feet.

  2. rktbrkr says:

    #4 masonry contractors???!!! Must be higher walls at the Mex border!

    Management consultants – thats every short, no benefits job taken by a white collar worker over 40 hoping to reenter the workforce, “Oh, I was a management consultant”

  3. Greg0658 says:

    I was beginning to wonder where the BR was today :-/ .. no new threads & few posts (like 2) ..
    then I started clicking on the recent posters area and was brought in to day – signed in and … well .. either I need a plugin or TBP is a registered only see site or TBP has a switch turned off again

    glad your ok .. the muscle flexing ’round here – thanks again :-/
    oh show your face with a NYT to be sure :-)

  4. James Cameron says:

    I struggled to confirm the source for this graph because the data didn’t match up. Nonetheless, here’s the complete BLS data:

    And Offices of mental health – whatever that is – totally eluded the BLS data that could find, though I’ve no doubt behavioral health treatment and counseling is a strong growth area.

  5. Mike.R says:

    When I saw Masonry Contractors, I thought of Russia. Take the train across the country and you’ll see that the electrical poles are made of concrete. Laying next to them are crumbling piles of all of the old concrete poles that have fallen over the years since the soviet age. I remember thinking that while a concrete pole might last a few years longer than a wooden one, there is no way that it could be more cost effective in a country full of freaking trees. Maybe that’s where our central planners are taking us.

  6. Iamthe50percent says:

    Masonry contractors. Building mausoleum vaults for the baby boomers?

  7. mathman says:

    The way we’re (the globe) going economically (banking and fiscal policy), environmentally (pollution and resource scarcity), socially (infrastructure degradation, police state tendencies, and collapse of the social fabric), healthwise and with respect to foreign policy we’ll be lucky to make it to 2020.

  8. constantnormal says:

    … and there you have it … hookers for seniors … tomorrow’s big money career choice …

  9. TLH says:

    Healthcare is more a cost to society than making stuff. This will push up deficit spending and tax rates. Neither party has a plan for our future.

  10. Ivana Puke says:

    A bunch of crazy old sick people and a need for someone who can build bunkers. But no need for zombie slayers. The future is brighter than I was predicting.

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