My reads to start off the week:

• Investors seem more bewildered than blind to risks, trapped between paltry yields on safer assets and bets on a somewhat frothy stock market (WSJ)
• Investors Funneling Cash Into ETFs at Fastest Pace In Three Years (Baron’s) see also Will Halloween come early this year? (Market Watch)
• Felix: The problem with high frequency trading (Reuters)
• Cheapest Chinese Stocks Since ’97 Not Enough to Signal Rally (Bloomberg)
• Will QE3 Cause Serious Inflation? Not With Economic Prospects So Dismal. (Slate)
• Don’t call it money printing, rubiks cube edition (Alphaville)
• America’s duopoly of money in politics and manipulation of public opinion (The Guardian)
• Debates Fail to Decide Elections Amid Myth of Kennedy-Nixon (Bloomberg)
• You’re an Idiot. Statistically Speaking. (Motley Fool)
• The Who’s Pete Townshend, a reluctant rock star (CBS News)

What are you reading?


Silicon Valley’s Stock Funk

Source: WSJ

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7 Responses to “10 Monday AM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    so the SEC isn’t protecting investors? what a surprise. and they expect the new JOBS bill to be the biggest source of fraud and other criminality ever created by Congress. not surprising it was likely written by wall street. and that we as a rule dont understand stock, bonds etc, isn’t really a surprise either. nor the scamming of the elderly. because its where the money (just like certain bank robbers of old said when asked why they robbed banks). and we really think that investing for the 99% is the way for retirement?

  2. gordo365 says:

    Could it be that all these tools that foster social interaction via clicks – aren’t good for making money over the long term? And thus are not good investments? Search? Sure. Mobile devices? Sure. Friendy clicky things? Not sure.

  3. AHodge says:

    kaminska QE is not money printing?
    I side with Ray dalio on this, and practically everything else
    i have realized the last three months the mans a genius
    and stands above all others in finance

    thanks again for sending his council on foreign relations interview
    l read and reread over and over and marvel

    in that interview more like a monologue he uses money printing generically
    and specifically calls QE money printing
    he does not draw a huge gap between whether they buy bonds with it
    or not
    in a deleverage “depression” also his terminology like we have now
    some money printing is good
    and a needed balance to the deleveraging growth negatives

  4. Greg0658 says:

    Pete Townshend also did a segment on TheView right after Donald Trump this morning
    seems the segments have notch jumps from that 1 link .. goto 4th notch ie: 5th segment

    it was an interesting discussion on how America and Great Britain came out of the War together via the music world … my take > the friendly competition to outdo each other .. ie: returns “for the queen to use” /or prove we got it going too

  5. gkm says:

    Technically, although Kaminska is right about the QE3 program not being money printing, that’s probably the only thing she got right in the article. Given that, I’d have to say her being right is more good luck than good understanding.

    QE3 is not money printing in US dollars, but that doesn’t mean that the Fed is “sterilizing” it’s money creation. And it certainly doesn’t mean that this is going to end well for the Fed.