My morning reads:

• Why Sandy Has Meteorologists Scared in 4 Images (The Atlantic) see also In Change of Course, U.S. Markets to Close Monday (Fox Business)
• Passive Asset Allocation Vs. The World (Capital Spectator)
Shilling: Bargain-Addicted Investors Ignore Perils of Low Rates (Bloomberg)
• SEC Weighs Bringing Back Fractions in Stock Prices (WSJ)
• China or Japan? Let’s Put America’s Bankers Out of Business Now (Bloomberg)
• UK: An Olympic bounce into a deleveraging headwind (FT Alphaville)
The Yankees’ A Rod Problem: Sunk costs and investing (AswathDamodaran)
• Q&A with Gary Gorton: Misunderstanding Financial Crises (FT Alphaville)
• You Know You Can’t Live Without Apple’s Latest Glass Rectangle (Bits) see also iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know (GizModo)
• Solar Stats That Will Blow Your Mind (The Motley Fool)

What are you reading?


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6 Responses to “10 Monday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Director of TV show on which student sold her virginity could be charged with sex trafficking

    Here’s telling you that Natus, the buyer is the one getting screwed.

  2. Slash says:

    From Texas, stay safe, everybody in the NYC area.

  3. dougc says:

    I am old and confused especially about something Bernanke recently said about draining liquidity when it became necessary, he stated it would only require a 15 minute phone call and then they would sell securities they were holding. If it becomes necessary to sell it would likely be because inflation was becoming a problem. Knowing that investors front run the fed and let’s say the fed have purchased 30 year bonds at 3% and the market then demanded 6% , wouldn’t selling all of the 30 year securities that they held only drain about half of the liquidity supplied? In order to drain the rest an equal additional amount would have to be sold. So we would in effect be paying 12% ?

  4. Giovanni says:

    RE: Q&A with Gary Gorton: Misunderstanding Financial Crises. I think his idea that the financial crisis started with a bank run in the shadow market has merit. However when we find out (more than halfway through the article) that his role in the whole thing was as a trader at AIG FP the whole it wasn’t us greedy bankers making unreserved bets to juice our bonuses that caused the collapse looks pretty defensive. With that knowledge we can view his proposed solutions in their proper light. To me it seems more likely that the shadow bank run was the match that started the fire, but the bigger problem is that the match was struck in a gasoline soaked market of under the counter derivatives built in many cases on outright fraud.