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10 Sunday Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On October 7, 2012 @ 10:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My Sunday morning reads:

• Stock investors: Don’t fight QE3 in Q4  (MarketWatch [1])
• Iranian Rial: Gresham’s law takes Iran (Alphaville [2])
• SHILLER: Housing Fever Can Work Both Ways (NYT [3])
• Bernanke’s QE3 Will Turn Out Better Than Japan’s (Bloomberg [4])
• Welch Conspiracy Theory on Jobs Data Not Tied to Reality (BusinessWeek [5]) see also Debunking the jobs report conspiracy theories (Washington Post [6])
• The Internet Blowhard’s Favorite Phrase: Why do people love to say that correlation does not imply causation? (Slate [7])
• The Real Reason We Can’t Stop Talking About Steve Jobs (Forbes [8]) see also Apple Critics Sharpen Their Pens, But Lack Logic (Barron’s [9])
• A Master of Improv, Writing Twitter’s Script (NYT [10]Dick Costolo was a stand-up comedian years before becoming the chief at Twitter
Pete Townshend: The Voice of ‘My Generation (WSJ [11])
• O’Reilly, Stewart joust at mock debate (AP [12])

What are you reading?


Election year bodes well for market to hit new highs
Source: MarketWatch [1]

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