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10 Thursday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On October 4, 2012 @ 9:57 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My morning reads:

• Polls Show a Strong Debate for Romney (fivethirtyeight [1]) see also Political Wisdom: A Big Night for Romney (Washington Wire [2])
• ‘Dumb Money’ Is Staring Most of Us in the Face (Bloomberg [3])
• QE3 Misconceptions And How To Profit (A Dash Of Insight [4]) see also Why QE will fail, dissonant voices edition (Credit Writedowns [5])
• How Does a Currency Drop 60% in 8 Days? Just Ask Iran (The Atlantic [6])
• Private Equity: Rental Market’s Big Buyers (WSJ [7])
Keynesian Investing: Changing Facts, Changing Minds (Psy-Fi Blog [8])
• Stingy Founder of ‘Genius Grants’ Was No Fan of Charity (Bloomberg [9])
• Fewer Computerized Trading Systems Urged as SEC Debates HFT (Institutional Investor [10])
• Never Underestimate Wall Street’s Ability To Overestimate Washington (Capital Gains And Games [11])
• The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary (The Office Life [12])

What are you reading?


Buoyant Markets Must Navigate Treacherous Earnings Season
Source: WSJ [14]

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