My afternoon train reads:

• The Mighty Mid-Caps (Economist)
• What ETFs’ Next Act Will Look Like (WSJ)
• Frankenstein Economics is killing capitalism (MarketWatch)
• Some Hard Numbers for the Fed to Focus On (WSJ)
• European bank deleveraging: Basel III edition (FT Alphaville)
Yeah Olympics! U.K. Economy Surges 1% as Britain Exits Recession (Bloomberg)
• Golden Parachutes and the Wealth of Shareholders (Papers)
• How Congress Prevented the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ of the 1840s (Echoes)
• Doug Kass on The Business of Politics (The Street) see also Focusing on Fundamentals Amidst the Election Hype (Nasdaq)
• Apple’s Online Radio Service to Challenge Pandora in 2013 (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


Supply Boom Upends the Oil Market

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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9 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. TRI gauges GDP troughed @ 0.3% in August and Q3′s pace will be announced as 0.4% tomorrow by BEA. This was foreseen back in June, but still it will catch many traders by surprise. For others it will re-confirm the US is heading into a fiscal cliff inspired Depression in Q4 and yet a third camp … the savvy investors – are already making plays for the longtime projected 2013H1 surge.

    A year from now, there will be alotta monday-morning quarterbacks saying the eventual unfolding was obvious to all…

    TRI chart:

  2. VennData says:

    Business Leaders Urge Deficit Deal Even With More Taxes

    If my taxes are raised you will all be fired.

    – Jack Welch

  3. Mike in Nola says:

    I’m reading about how useless the TSA is. First, you can decode your boarding pass to see what level of scrutiny you’ll be getting, i.e. whether to leave the bomb at home.

    And then the case of the guy whose jet ski broke down near JFK airport. He had trouble getting caught even though he was trying.

  4. Veneziano says:

    New York Islanders are moving to Brooklyn. Their new logo is out…. :)

  5. uzer says:

    “Frankenstein Economics is killing capitalism”

    in my lifetime, i can’t say i remember “capitalism” ever being alive

  6. uzer says:

    “Yeah Olympics! U.K. Economy Surges 1% as Britain Exits Recession”

    isn’t the cost of hosting the olympics a large part of what did greece in? but then, the architects of “creative accounting” are the hosts this time instead of the descendants of the architects of “democracy”

  7. Greg0658 says:

    1st this piece was hard to pick apart and rail against .. but seein it .. picking at it like a vulture:
    (like’g it sorta – but the title send ?)
    great tune: MJs Thrill’r

    “{6. Frankenstein Economics reflects an extreme capitalist ideology
    …. the ideology of philosopher Ayn Rand …. is the core of Frankenstein Economics, has replaced Adam Smith’s original ideas as Rand’s extreme ideas …. “When I say ‘capitalism,’ I mean a pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism;” The only system that can make freedom, individuality, and the pursuit of values possible,” leaving “every man free.”
    Today Rand’s ideology is not only locked into conservative politics and capitalist economics ….
    7. Frankenstein Capitalism losing to China’s new State Capitalism
    There is now a big elephant in the room ….}”

    1st of all I sometimes wonder if A gets B gets C .. baby steps .. but thats cause ain’t read/soaked Rand ie: reverse reverse reverse psych
    ie: creationism > evolution > IntelDesign > _xyz_

    back from zangent .. “pure, uncontrolled, unregulated” .. really – surely you gest Ayn – in this 21st world – as the rest of the piece factually points – we’ve come along way baby – tools of destruction are BIGx10x10

    the China tangent of today … the western way needs cheaper less restrictive land useage to find the edge of play – China needed to catch up – whoda thunk that modern machinery in their hands and passed intel would play out like this … song & dance and green grass golf capitalism ? … is diabetes a product – classic ;-)

  8. Greg0658 says:

    ‘ New York Islanders are moving to Brooklyn ‘ .. ummm have you seen prediction -ie high tides full moon, midwest streak east, Sandy nor’easter, perfect storm .. ooohohohohohoooo

  9. 10x25mm says:

    Andy Xie is back with an assessment of the Australian economy’s prospects, and mining economies in general, in 2013:

    As an aside, he seems less enamoured of China’s state capitalism than Paul Farrell of MarketWatch. Some things are more beautiful from afar!