My afternoon train reading:

• Bear market may begin Tuesday (Market Watch)
• How Much Trust Should We Have in Economic Data? (The Fiscal Times) see also Total warns over ‘inaccurate’ benchmarks (
• Who are the Five Best Financial Bloggers? (The Reformed Broker)
• Speed Kills: How Superfast Trading Hurts Small Caps (CFO)
• The use of mathematics in economics and its effect on a scholar’s academic career (Ideas) see also (Statistically) It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah (NYT)
•  The next Fed chief: Who gets the job if the president wins a second term? (WP)
• Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads (NYT)
• America Cannot ‘Lead From Behind’ in Asia (The Diplomat)
• So it looks like Samsung might not have tried to copy the iPhone (CNET)
• The weak shall inherit the earth (Economist)

What are you bookmarking?


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13 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. PeterR says:

    It will be interesting to see if Jack Welch will go away quietly, or continue to fan the flames of his own masochistic self-created self-destruction. Nothing like a sad old man becoming sadder and older . . .

    Is Apple’s higher volume Hammer bounce off MA(100) area today a bottom? [new first chart at link above]

  2. ben22 says:

    is it just me, or do 99% of mark hulberts articles say exactly nothing at all? when I read most of them I come away often thinking

    wow, I just got to read a conversation that Mark Hulbert had with himself

  3. ilsm says:


    Choices are pretty clear. Every house seat up for grabs, one third of the senate and the White House.

    The choice is: vote for Grover Norquist’s billionaire proxies or vote democrat.

    No tax increases while supporting a wasteful military supposedly to fight the rest of the world as if it were 1942 is inhuman.

    Keep insurance hands off medicare money vote democrat.

  4. mathman says:

    i think the only clear CHOICE is between a viable 3rd party candidate like Jill Stein or one of the two corporatists who clearly give us basically the same (corporate) agenda no matter which party we select from.

    The reason we’re in this vast hole today is because Nader wasn’t elected, and we keep “voting” for the same pre-chosen clowns who do the bidding of the wealthy 1%. Argue all you want, but Obama turned Republican once he was elected and all that hope and change was (bullshit) campaign rhetoric.

  5. VennData says:

    Romney will not pursue anti-abortion laws

    ‘…He also said he had no plans to pursue new laws limiting abortion…’

    If you are a pro life voter and you vote for Romney, God will know you voted for the status quo on abortion. You just support Virgil Good who is pro life and running for President.

    God will know. And He also knows Romney said he was pro life just to get the GOP nomination and is now reverting to his prior stance on abortion, that ye was always been pro-choice. God will know.

  6. VennData says:

    And how the heck does he cut everyone’s tax rates by $5T and make up for it by getting rid of deductions without getting rid of the two biggest, home mortgage and charitable?

    When Reagan implemented his arithmatically-impossible tax cuts, yes, we starting running such massive deficits he raised taxes every remaining year of his adminstration.

    When Bush implemented his arithmatically-imposible tax cuts, yes he created structural deficits of $1T a year.

    But Romney…. no, this time it will be different. LOL. You GOP-lovers are innumerate.

  7. VennData says:

    “… S&P Dow Jones Indices announced today that dividend net increases (increases less decreases) were $8.8 billion in the third quarter of 2012, setting what is believed to be a new record dividend quarterly payout in aggregate dollars for U.S. domestic listed common stock issues…”

    America is collapsing! Obama is anti-business! The tax hikes are stopping companies from making decisions!!!

    Can we re-read something, if Romney re-reverts, why not?

  8. gordo365 says:

    @Mathman – if you think that there is no difference between voting for Romney and voting for President Obama – then I can’t believe anything you say. Blinders much?

  9. mathman says:

    Look at his record Gordo! All his “compromises” (cave-ins to “the other side of the aisle), he extended and prolonged the wars when he was elected to stop them and bring the abused troops home, his complete non-action on climate change, his increased surveilance and drone usage HERE, complete immunity for all the fraud going on (i could go on, but you get the picture) – HE’S A REPUBLICAN (in DEED). Shit, if i were a Republican i’d vote for Obama! He gave them almost everything they wanted! Where are his vaunted Green Jobs? What about all his campaign (bullshit) promises? Straight up Republican (moderate, compared to the bat-shit crazy side of the party that Romney represents, but still one of them).

    You don’t have to believe it Gordo – just like climate change – it’s (his Republican agenda) happening despite what you think!

  10. DrungoHazewood says:

    Hang in there Mathman, no matter what these clowns think they know, the fact is the government-corporate conglomerate eventually comes for everyone. No matter who THINKS they have the inside track. We’ve seen this before. Look at O’s buddy is Chi town tearing the teacher’s union apart for monetary gain. Were those bozo’s ever surprised! ‘But its a Dem doing this, and where is the big O?’ they whined in unison. How can this be? Whaaaaa. They ALWAYS eventually come for everyone.

  11. VennData says:

    CEO to Workers: I May Fire You if Obama Wins

    So, he makes a million bucks a year, let’s say. The 3% additional health care tax has cost him thirty grand. Not his company mind you, but his after-tax take home. No change in sales, no change in costs, he’s just got 30K less of take home. He didn’t fire anybody then. He didn’t get rid of a truck, or sell of profitable investments then, did he?

    Now, let’s say he gets an additional 4.6% more to get to the Clinton rates (Did he fire people then?) and that costs him, $46K more, at the end of the year…

    …that means he takes home only $604,000 instead of $650,000. now what in that difference affects anything in his business? Nothing. And if he cuts his business he will presumably make less (if he would make more than he should have cut from his business already, right?)

    So what difference will that money make to him? None.

    So why will he cut from an efficiently operating business and make even less than the $604? He wouldn’t if he was logical.

    So what on earth is he talking about?

  12. SecondLook says:


    As you well know, people can have other agendas besides any possible hit to his personal income. He may be against legal abortion, against equal rights for gays and lesbians, a nativist, even perhaps a closet racist (Yes, Virgina, racism still exists in the United State).
    All the unspoken things that form an underlying gestalt for some who adamantly oppose Obama.

    I’m not saying that most people who will vote for Rommey are like that, but a fair number are. Moaning about the economy is as much a cover for real heart-felt beliefs as anything else.

    A lot of posters like to say that there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, both are creatures of the plutocracy, etc. Perhaps, however, there are profound differences once you get past economics.

    Intolerance, fear, and worse, delusional thinking, has a powerful hold on too many of us.