Move Over Paul Ryan: Thanks to my upgrading my iPhone 4 to IO6, Runkeeper no longer uses Google Maps — it uses Apple maps.

So my usual 2 mile 25 minute walk became a record setting half-marathon.


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22 Responses to “Apple’s Maps Made Me A Record Setting Half-Marathoner”

  1. northendmatt says:

    I don’t know what’s more impressive, that you averaged 1:33 miles or that you only burned 342 calories in the process. You’re quite the machine.

  2. Ramstone says:

    Walking on water? Now you’re just showing off…

  3. rd says:

    It appears that you are now a triathlete with some substantial swimming prowess.

  4. lburgler says:

    Go Barry, it’s you’re birthday, you oughta party like it’s your birthday, sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday!!

    Actually, don’t, cause nobody should sip rum, that’s disgusting.

  5. philipat says:

    Barry, I knew you were impressive but when did you start being able to walk on water??

  6. PeterR says:

    Steve Jobs would never have released Apple Maps in this condition. Something is rotten in Denmark?

    AAPL support at MA(100) may be in jeopardy here, with 600 support just below.

    A move below these support levels on volume to close out this Real Options Week could be troubling IMO.

  7. dsimmons says:

    21m15s 1/2 marathon. You’re on pace to break so many records, congratulations!

    This reminds me of my old car attempting to calculate gas mileage and miles left. On a new tank, it would say 451 miles with uncanny regularity but invariable give me about 250 miles. I can cut a K-car some slack, but the least Apple maps could do is get it wrong with precision.

  8. stonedwino says:

    Ok, I am going out on a limb here, but I predict that the Apple Maps clustefuck & the labor issues at Foxconn are going to single-handedly sink the whole hedge fund business. The hedgies backed up the truck on Apple and the stock is going down man…I don’t have the money to place the bet, but I call Apple way down to $400 per share in the next few months…

  9. stonedwino says:

    BR: On a lighter note, where the hell do you go out to eat in Glen Cove or Seacliff? I used to live up there in the early 90′s after my Hofstra days…

  10. Bob A says:

    obviously you don’t have any appreciation for magic

  11. says:

    Strange post, why are you showing this on Google Maps then? Can you show a screenshot of the actual app?

    Apple’s maps have no effect on the recording of routes, only on their display. I suggest you get in touch with the RunKeeper people if you’re experiencing these problems.


    BR: Thats the screenshot of the app

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  13. TLH says:

    Should Apple make their phones in China? Designed here, but made in China. The public is sick and tired of our jobs going overseas. What if relations with China deteriorate? Could this affect Apple?

  14. Chad says:

    The beginning of the slide for Apple. I started using the iPhone in it’s 2nd iteration, but I have been considering ditching the “walled garden.” My iPhone and iPad crash as often as my 5 year old Windows Vista machine does. I don’t see the “it just works” being that substantial and the iPhone is just part of the top tier of phones instead of being the entire top tier. There are other choices in the current market.

    Now this completely stupid mapping issue! I use Google maps all the time on my phone, so I don’t want to take away functionality by upgrading to iOS6. Just a stupid f@#$ing move on Apple’s part.

  15. constantnormal says:

    Really, Barry? … an iPhone FOUR?


    I think that posting an Apple Maps defect in a prominent place is the best way to get it quickly corrected … please track this, and let us know how long it takes Apple to fix this instance of their mess-born-of-hubris …

    I regard the Maps debacle as indicative of a certain loss of discipline on Apple’s part. I’m pretty sure that the will is still there, but that we will see an increased number of these sort of embarrassing glitches over the years ahead. If Tim Cook is really as dedicated as I think he is, things will be tightened up in short order … OTOH, Scott Forstall I’m not so sure about, as he never struck me as being particularly dedicated, in my exceedingly limited perspective of the man. Perhaps there will have to be a sacrificial offering made at One Infinite Loop.

  16. Christopher says:

    Two thoughts:

    I’ve never been a fan of Apple products because of the fragility of the hardware…..I always broke it. The software was always the strong point. This map debacle isn’t making me any more comfortable buying their gear.

    Sailor Jerry Rum is the mother’s milk of rum. Buy a bottle….pour a couple fingers over crushed ice….sip at your leisure and thank me later.


  17. lo574 says:

    Barry yes, it’s sad and after Siri fizzled, map mess and purple haze camera, you just know Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.

  18. eliz says:

    We are talking Apple here – not a couple of teenage garage geeks.

    From a consumer perspective, there is absolutely no acceptable excuse for the debacle of Apple maps.

    From a business perspective, it is A MANAGEMENT FAIL on multiple levels – from development to release to response. Apple’s effectively captive market and blind customer loyalty are the only things saving them for the moment.

  19. Event_horizon says:

    Thank god I kept IOS5

    Apple was warned it had a crap Map app prior to release:

    The fact that they still released such a shoddy effort, regardless of the motivation behind it, reveals a complete disregard for their customers. It’s not like maps isn’t one of the 3 or 4 most used things on the iphone for most people…

  20. slowkarma says:

    constantnormal said:

    “I think that posting an Apple Maps defect in a prominent place is the best way to get it quickly corrected … please track this, and let us know how long it takes Apple to fix this instance of their mess-born-of-hubris …”

    I read an article several days ago (that I can no longer find; but it’s out there somewhere in Google-land) that says Apple *can’t* fix this quickly — that mapping is a very complex process that’s taken Google years to get right, and that it may be some substantial time before Apple can fix this. The problem isn’t that *most* of it isn’t correct – it’s that the small percentage of incorrect directions will eventually affect almost all frequent users, as it has Barry, and nobody wants to get to a map spot for a business meeting and find out that their destination isn’t there.

    But didn’t I see that Google is creating an iPhone app that will take you straight into Google maps?

  21. slowkarma says:

    Re my last post: here’s the article that talks about Apple’s mapping problems: