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4 Responses to “The Evolution of Digital Advertising”

  1. richgi2 says:

    The Macintosh was hardly the first universal multi-media tool. The Xerox Star, or perhaps even the Xerox Alto from even earlier, deserves that distinction. The Mac wasn’t even the first one from Apple – you overlook the Apple Lisa, which had a graphical display, a mouse and a laser printer.

  2. philipat says:

    What is not included is the parallel evolution of programmes and add-ons to block all digital advertising?

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  4. curmudgeon2000 says:

    Bah. In addition to the error pointed out above by richgi2, they also omit the first
    commercial e-mail spam (1978), the green card Usenet spam (1994), and Pointcast (1996).
    And that’s just off the top of my head. Infographics are the junk food of facts.