My afternoon train reading:

• Investors Appear Deaf to Earnings Alarms (WSJ) but see Trouble Not as Close as It Appears (WSJ)
FINRA: Conflict of Interest? Moi? (WSJ)
• Investors’ Biggest Mistake: Excessive Caution (Systematic Relative Strenth)
Kass: In Defense of Short Selling (The Street)
• Earnings Growth Disappears as Spending Cuts Hit Limit (Bloomberg) see also Dividends: U.S. Continuing Descent Toward Recession (Political Calculations)
• Business Hiring Calms Concerns About U.S. Fiscal Cliff (Bloomberg)
• How Much Is Your Customer’s Time Worth? (Kellogg Insight)
• Do you identify as intelligent? (The Last Word On Nothing)
• Do We Need Subsidies for Solar and Wind Power? (WSJ)
• Conserve Your Willpower: It Runs Out (Wired)

What are you reading?


Bullish Sign for Stocks? Leverage Is Up

Source: MarketBeat

Category: Financial Press

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8 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Things are not always as they appear….

    Is the “A” square the same shade of grey as the “B” square?

    The answer may surprise you.

  2. thomas hudson says:

    revisions in novembers jobs report may show that Jack Welch’s conspiracy theorists (‘welchers?’), were wrong (and idiotic).

    ‘Beyond that, if Obama cooked the numbers, he did a lousy job. The improvement in the unemployment rate sounds good, but on the other hand, the economy created only 114,000 jobs in September, which is a weak showing that’s way below the levels of the previous two months. The economy needs at least 200,000 new jobs each month just to keep up with population growth, so fudging it at 114,000 is like erasing the real grade on your report card and giving yourself a C. ‘

  3. thomas hudson says:

    A very thorough piece explaining the current push for ‘regionalism’ in Ohio, where suburbs of the larger cities are being asked to share the burdens of the latter’s economic issues.

    Since I live in one of the cities mentioned in this article, I know exactly what the author is getting at. It was at the heart of our last mayoral race.

  4. Global Eyes says:

    Better late than never. I’m reading Blue Ocean Strategy . It might sound like the name of an edgy rock band but its idea s central to the fragmented world we live in.

  5. TR says:

    Who titled this graph?

  6. Bill in SF says:

    Auto Dealers Whine That Tesla Stores Are Illegal

    Is it like walking into an Apple Store? … or Game Changer!

  7. Joe Friday says:

    Do We Need Subsidies for Solar and Wind Power?

    That’s the wrong question. The correct question is:

    Do we need subsidies for oil, coal, timber, and gas ?

  8. VennData says:

    This is looking more and more like a problem with the gov’t and not the comaoneis that make, monitor, distribute these drugs and pay lobbyists to decrease their regulatory burden, the Wall Street Journal believes.