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real estate recovery

Riding the Trillion-Dollar Real Estate Recovery Roller Coaster.

via Riding the Trillion-Dollar Real Estate Recovery Roller Coaster

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10 Responses to “Real Estate Recovery Cycle”

  1. AHodge says:

    clever quoting some single minded stooge idiots with a view opposite yours
    but some smarter people like buffet says looks better “soon”
    demographics eating surplus up at at leat 400,000units per year how big is the hump? we see
    meanwhile most indicators slowly move up–yeah yeah from the pits i know
    but direction matters most….
    and a 2.8 % 15 yr mortgage rate may bridge some

  2. We own Berkshire Hathaway for a reason . . .

  3. jgiven says:

    Interesting information as a snapshot of the harm caused, in part, by the housing crash, but I am a little wary of being told at the end that the experts in real estate are ready to help you beat the market, essentially by market timing with the assistance of the experts. Weren’t these the same folks who previously argued that there was no bubble, and that housing prices would continue to climb, because this time is different? See you in 20-25 years, I guess.

  4. rktbrkr says:

    this data truthfully, accurately says is that the price of a sold home dropped 25 percent from March of 2007 to November of 2011, and then increased 10 percent from November of 2011 to June of this year.

    I think the -25% number sounds reasonable but I certainly don’t see +10% in 7 months, probably a slight upward drift the past year or so but no “bounce” yet and a 10% bounce in half a year should be noticeable. Here at the Jersey shore prices started running up before the real estate boom and cooled off in 2005 a couple years early too.

  5. BuildingCom says:

    It’s called a dead cat bounce my friends. CS showed a dead cat bounce in 2010 too.

    Prices are grossly inflated and have a long way to fall.

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  7. BennyProfane says:

    Well, this is a first: ” The housing market is extremely volatile, and moves in large boom and bust cycles”. Really. Whatever happened to housing always goes up in value? Are they telling me that we’re in for another bubble and crash over the next decade? Dear Lord, talk about adapting your sales technique to the “new normal”. Somebody should post the CS chart from the last century. I see only one boom and bust cycle there, after 1930.

    It’s not the stock or commodity market, people. There won’t be the 2009 Dow in housing.


    BR: I dont think we can really make a head to head comparison the pre-1929 era of Hosuing with the post WW2 period.

  8. TR says:

    There are boom/bust instances in housing that are local & relevant. I bought a Minnesota bust in 1984. The value has quadrupled. Historically I think housing is an inflation hedge @ 3% per year. I’m still up 1.5 X’s over 3%. Time will tell. Income levels & employment don’t bode well for anything in this environment till debt is reduced and inflation takes off.

  9. wally says:

    “Income levels & employment don’t bode well for anything in this environment till debt is reduced and inflation takes off.”

    How can debt be reduced without wealth being reduced?

  10. BuildingCom says:

    ” I bought a Minnesota bust in 1984. The value has quadrupled.”

    Says who? How can this be when houses depreciate no different than cars, appliances or any other man made item?