Over the past few months, I mentioned a few times that I was overdue to replace this aging  four year old layout. I wanted something faster, cleaner, and more modern.

I really like the way the new design is coming together. The main body part is a neat solution to the issue of the old school Tab design. The idea behind tabs was a) to keep the slower loading video, flash and non investing posts, as well as other people’s writings, in a separate area. It worked, but its less than ideal. The newer design language works simply and beautifully.

I am still wrestling with what the header will look like, and whether to keep my TBP logo and/or tag line. And a background — what do I do with that?

Anyway, I like the way this is developing, and should be ready in a few weeks.


Second, you may have noticed a variety of new ads running. I am introducing a new ad network into the mix that has a heavier emphasis on financially related advertisers. It will take a few weeks for their algos to get a read of our content and become more contextual.

You may also be seeing a lot of Google Adsense adverts, especially all those Romney and Obama adverts. The nice thing about Adsense from a reader perspective is you can mute any advertisement — that grey box in the top right of each ad will kill any ad.

I despise the text ads — they are not only ugly, they are a compliance headache. I expect they will go the way of the dodo sooner rather than later.

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10 Responses to “Update: Redesign, Adverts”

  1. osmif says:

    Simpler and cleaner are ALWAYS better. Focus on mobile experience first, retrofit to desktop afterwards if you even need to. Start from jQuery mobile or Zurb foundation or Twitter bootstrap theme, and add only if/as other features are called for by user demand. Let analytics drive your choices, not other people’s wrong intuitions about what design looks good. My $0.02. Thanks for a great blog.

  2. DrFish says:

    use your blog daily, but have trouble when on the nexus7; cant seem to switch to mobile from your site?


    BR: Pull up any single post, and at bottom of page you can toggle Mobile or Desktop versions

    Alternatively, you can use this URL: http://www.ritholtz.com/blog?wptap_view=standard

  3. cbatch says:

    Regarding changing your logo…

    Let’s see, on successful editorial products, changing the logo is something that is done all of the time. For example, The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, The New York Times, Vogue–all of these cutting-edge, we-want-to-be-second-to-none, and work it every day, stay fresh and current by changing their logo….NEVER. Of course, online it is different. Google and Yahoo, for example, play with their logo, but they have updated the basic design….NEVER. Amazon did change their logo. It was a major change. Remember what it looked like? Me neither. Hate your logo? Too bad. Be professional and stick with it. Be proud. NYT logo is terrible, but they just go with it and say it’s not. And, thus, it is not.

    Editorial packaging is not the same as designing for corn flakes or beer. Not that they can change easily these days either. Thus, we get vanilla Oreos. (Why not just another name for the cookie? Because you can spend millions on creating a new brand today and have it still not make a dent. It’s expensive and very risky.

    This sounds like something Barry Ritholtz would say about investing: Often the wise thing to do is to do nothing. The typical financial advisor or designer has a tough time charging for doing nothing, however.

    Regarding the new ad network:
    The new ads I am seeing have been a tad jarring. Some are low-rent, quick buck pitches that made me feel as if I have stumbled into some bedroom blogger’s domain. I have had a little experience with this kind of thing and my heart goes out to you; you have little control over this, outside of having a real person selling ads for you to real ad clients. (It’s done, BTW.)

    You despise the text ads? I’ve gotten where I despise all of the contextual ads. It was more than a little interesting that the new Outlook (re Hotmail) email service does not have contextual ads and they are selling it.

  4. Seaton says:

    cbatch is right—if it’s working, don’t change it noticeably. (Think font only, for example) That said, this layout works SWELL for me. Yes, I’m older. Yes, I’m not agreeable to changes that require me to completely learn a new language—see the USA-Today new layout. Sheesh…where the hell did everything go? Sigh.

    Maybe it’s just me. I wonder how many are like me: looking for a sense of continuity/looks-the-same from sources I trust, instead of some uber-drive to get a larger year-end bonus because some clown says, “Oh, JB! Look! We’ll make MORE money from this NEW-NEW format—it’s bleeding-edge sharp!”

    Just my 2 cents worth, too.

  5. Greg0658 says:

    fyi – I routinely clear cookies so I see things maybe you don’t / maybe it is by design
    (certain privledges for being signed in)

    but just now (cookies cleared) the story on huawei (in video) is not present via any of your tabs
    the tabs have generally a last date stamp of Sept 27th
    seems the main header is always current – but tabs are not update’g in real time for all

    this has been a months long issue that addressing in redesign may be an issue

  6. EdDunkle says:

    I like the way it looks now. The only change I’d like to see is bigger/more-attention-getting links to other parts of the blog, especially Think Tank.

  7. Singmaster says:

    BR wrote:
    I am still wrestling with what the header will look like, and whether to keep my TBP logo and/or tag line. And a background — what do I do with that?

    Current header & background is too dark and wordy for my taste. Clean, simple and light is my preference.

  8. Iamthe50percent says:

    I hate talking ads. I’ll actually read a text ad if it looks interesting. I hadn’t noticed that you have talking ads, but my speakers are usually shut off because of other sites. Too bad, because I would like to play a little background music and I usually forget to turn them back on when I see a video I would like to listen to.

    I was watching a youtube video on another site when a talking ad started up, louder than the video I was watching. PLEASE do not commit such a barbarism.

  9. Iamthe50percent says:

    P.S. Your logo is OK, don’t change it without a good reason. The tag line is great.

  10. philipat says:

    Does anyone actually view online advertising any longer? AdFender (In Firefox) and Tracking Protection in IE9 both do a great job of removing all advertising. Tracking protection in IE9 also prevents various services tracking your net movements.