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Back in 2009, we ran this Financial graphart‘s terrific chart of Bear Market Comparisons, 1929-2009. When we put it up way back in early February 2009, there were still 2 weeks left in the 2009 bear. (Its updated here).

Well, in what might not be too auspicious a sign, today we run a new chart called “The Size of Major Bull Markets”. It’s similar to the prior one, only flipped around.



John Paul Koning
Financial Graph & Art, October 19, 2012

Category: Cycles, Markets, Technical Analysis

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4 Responses to “The Size of Major Bull Markets”

  1. spectordog says:

    Hey BR: doesn’t “major bull market” = secular bull market? A distinction without a difference? Have you changed your description of this as a bull within a secular bear?

  2. wally says:

    So we have years to go, even though some still don’t know this is a bull market. The key is housing and construction finally getting in sync with a periodic upward fluctuation in other sectors… which appears to be beginning.

  3. mathman says:

    Here’s a different “bull” market that is having deleterious effects on us. Everything we’re being told about cholesterol is a fabrication engineered by the processed food industry (by way of bad statistical practices and redefining “risk” – as you’ll hear) and it’s KILLING US.

    Listen to this expose of the processed food industry influencing the AMA, the federal government, and others and how their lies are producing the epidemics of a LOT of health problems here. This is stunning and should be heard by everyone to protect your own health and that of your family – especially your children. We’re being poisoned by the processed food industry FOR the medical/pharmaceutical profession/industry because it’s win-win for everyone but the citizenry. They’re CREATING the problems that they give us the drugs for!

  4. phisqb says:

    Interesting how most of those large peaks followed ends to major US conflicts.