My afternoon train reading:

QE4 acomin: Fed Likely to Keep Buying Bonds (WSJ)
• The Investor Is Fleeing, and Other Market Myths (Businessweek)
• Irving Fisher, the First Celebrity Finance Professor (Echoes)
Maths is hard: Why playing Powerball once is enough (MarketWatch)
• HP’s Deal from Hell: The mark-it-up and write-it-down two-step (AswathDamodaran) see also HP-Autonomy: A Red-Ink Bath for Everyone (jamesrpeterson)
• Into the vault: the operation to rescue Manhattan’s drowned internet (The Verge)
• The Real Problem with Simpson and Bowles (Esquire)
White Twitter? My Anthropological Voyage Into White Twitter (Thought Catalog)
• Sign Your Fiduciary Declaration Now and Tell Mary Schapiro You Want Action (Forbes)
Review: Assholes: A Theory (

What are you reading?


Shares Hit 4-Year Low In China

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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15 Responses to “10 Midweek PM Reads”

  1. James Cameron says:

    I don’t think a lot of individuals could have survived this.

    China Mafia-Style Hack Attack Drives California Firm to Brink

  2. 4whatitsworth says:

    Something Odd Happened To Wall Street Salaries After 1987

  3. [...] Barry Ritholtz, a book by Aaron James on why some people are, well, irritating. Share [...]

  4. JimRino says:

    AHoles, the book, hits the nail on the head.
    The attack on pensions, and 401k’s now and social security by the .01%, is astounding.

  5. rd says:

    I have a friend who is a psychologist. He is pretty clear that at least 5% of the population are psychopaths and sociopaths (primary causes of assholeness). He is also pretty clear that they show up in all social settings, from the wealthy to the poor.

    One of the primary roles of the legal and regulatory system is to protect society from psychopaths and sociopaths. We have an elaborate law enforcement system for the 99% so that the ones that push drugs, burgle etc. go to jail. Unfortunately, the deregulation process in the financial sector over the past 15 years means that the psychopaths and sociopaths in politics are now subsidizing the psychopaths and sociopaths in finance instead of jailing them.

  6. Mike in Nola says:

    Looks like NY dodged a bullet: Blakely’s name missing from Cuomo’s committee appointments. Maybe someone in New York read the commentary in the Times Picayune.

  7. Mike in Nola says:

    Mark in HTown:

    Phenomenal Lumia 920 video made while strapped to the grill of a Land Rover in Dubai. Optical Stabilization amazing. Watch full screen at 1080p for motion sickness.

  8. denim says:

    Thanks for that Esquire link. I am now reading Pierce’s great sarcastic “long reads”;1

  9. denim says:

    Reply to rd Says:

    Only 5%? How does one classify the 47% of the electorate that voted for a pair of candidates who clearly worked the works of first rate A–holes? I watch my back much more now.

  10. Icouldabenacontendah says:

    “AHoles, A Theory” …. This book goes on my holiday gift list for my brother, who has a keen interest in philosophy. A few years ago, he shared with me a concise academic philosophical treatise entitled “On Bullsh_t.”

    Are you sure you didn’t mean to file the AHoles book item on your seasonal gift rundown?

  11. Greg0658 says:

    5 16 22 23 29 PB6
    Power Ball .. me – finger and thumb in the shape of an L on forehead – didn’t match 1 number – $2 poof
    NOT really

    is there a definitive website with “just the facts”
    someplace that has the superConnectedComputer ?

    heres the 9 ways to win /official site
    8,924,125 other winners won $131,519,015*

    1 winner each in MO and AZ for $580M* minus taxes*

    Like to know (if possible) – a table-ish
    # of winners with those diminishing returns and the $ wins by PB state
    $ of taxes sent to each PB state from initial sales only

    $ amount earned in that % take at the stores
    hours spent by stores & like me total Looser
    hours spent by stores but won spomething
    .. so hense additional taxes paid* to the IRS to be an uptake to Fed & states

    then wondering what each PB states does with that earned income ..
    I just heard IL sends cash to education but subtracts same amount from other collections to put that cash _?_ … and has 2 $1M winners

    whats the next Fad someone comes up with to ..
    build – create tidal slooshes – milk – over anaylize – kill
    the house always wins – whos the house – sorta all of us

    *coda pull to remind all money returns via slooshes – but – who gets it in the all important TODAY

    brings another near post yesterday to mind (url has been refined so) – Warren Buffet was on CNBC and stated his fix plan
    “18.5% and 21% are sustainable in the sense that they will increase the ratio of the national debt to gdp. they’ll run a deficit every year, but because our economy grows 18.5% and 21% is a very sustainable figure”

    thats not a balanced washing machine – for the future – forever – just “a get” for a generation thru TODAY
    (oh ah why does the OPSYS require interest tack :-\
    (oh ah #2 – all that this post is talking about is official GDP – thats right little nippers :-)

  12. [...] A Theory,’ by Aaron James at, and how these shitheads inhabit life (h/t The Big Picture): They aren’t mere jerks, and they aren’t rapists or murderers. Rather, James writes, assholes [...]

  13. VennData says:

    With the Fiscal Cliff Looming, These CEOs Are Asking to Be Taxed

    Traitors! You’ll never golf in this town again.

    – Jack Welch

  14. VennData says:

    With the Fiscal Cliff Looming, These CEOs Are Asking to Be Taxed

    Traitors! You’ll never golf in this town again.

    – Jack Welch