Some eclectic Thanksgiving Day reads to express your gratitude:

• Five economic trends to be thankful for (Washington Post)
Be Thankful for blog posts like this one: The facts of investing life (Monevator)
• Joe Weisenthal is really thankful for Bill McBride of Calculated Risk (Business Insider)
• Be thankful you understand Why Technical Analysis Matters (All Star Charts)
Refinancing? Be thankful for this: Fed Still Trying to Push Down Rates (WSJ)
Be thankful Jack Welch is Retired! Jack Welch Is An Even Bigger Dick Than You Previously Believed (BusinessWeek)
Be thankful for Lord Skidelsky and Carry On: Inequality is Killing Capitalism (Project Syndicate)
• BE THANKFUL YOU DONT OWN ANY HP: Marc Andreessen was biggest proponent for Autonomy acquisition on HP’s board members (Breaking Views)
I’m thankful for NSFW: Marco Rubio’s Rap Preferences: A Lyrical Analysis (NSFW Corp)
• Be thankful you live during a time when technology rocks:  Software That Shows What Your Shiny New iPad Can Do (NYT)

What are you eating today?


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16 Responses to “10 Thanksgiving Day Reads to be Thankful For”

  1. Mike in Nola says:

    I suppose that widely-quoted Nielsen guy who panned Windows 8 is probably done eating his words on another of his pronouncements (May 10, 2010):

    “iPad apps are inconsistent and have low feature discoverability, with frequent user errors due to accidental gestures. An overly strong print metaphor and weird interaction styles cause further usability problems. ”

  2. call me ahab says:

    Just in time for Thanksgiving- Heisenberg Pumpkin Pie:

  3. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    I’m not sure our nation can survive “thousands” of MBAs who have been trained by Jack Welch. At least Trump isn’t doing anything besides inflicting himself upon popular culture.

  4. willid3 says:

    hm..more captured regulators for the SEC?

    makes one wonder why you invest at all

  5. willid3 says:

    hm not much real progress on that mortgage fraud scam?

    the banks and mortgage fraud are treated differently than you and I by the IRS

    if we file one day late will pay late fees. but if the bankster and mortgage originator fraudsters do that, well they intended to do it right…
    they just didnt because it was to complex (really to cumbersome, and expensive).
    and this has also killed the private mortgage market as investors no longer trust the fraudsters to do what they agreed to do in their contracts. and of course the fraudsters wont let change happen. so much for private label mortgages

  6. RW says:

    The danger of self-fulfilling output gap pessimism
    The debate about the size of the output gap (the difference between what output is now and what it could be without generating accelerating inflation) is taking place in most countries as we struggle to emerge from the Great Recession. This post is about how policy makers handle that uncertainty.

    Otherwise it’s a conventional Thanksgiving dinner shared with a few friends: Local free-range turkey, oyster stuffing/bacon basted, mashed potatoes, asparagus, pumpkin pie, beer/wine and another (monetary) donation to a local food bank.

    A good Thanksgiving to all.

  7. Julia Chestnut says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, BR! We’re eating turkey, shallot gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted yams, roasted brussels sprouts, some haricots vert for the kids who won’t touch brussels sprouts, clementine cranberry relish, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and rolls. I don’t like turkey, so I always have to make enough veggies to keep me happy – because it’s my husband’s favorite meat.

    Be well, eat well, good luck to your favored teams!

  8. DeDude says:

    Nice and well-deserved piece on Calculated Risk. By the way – Bill refuse the title of “inventor of economics blogging” and instead tips his hat to Berry and this blog.

  9. Mike in Nola says:

    Julia: I’d go for the haricots myself if confronted with that choice :)

    I’m doing the cooking as my wife has to work. Pretty standard turkey, rice and gravy. Stuffing made with Jimmy Dean pork sausage, sautéed herbs and cheating with a little Pepperidge Farm mix soaked with chicken broth.. Cooked in a dish in the oven instead of in the turkey. The result of being married to someone who looks at cultures from sick people all day.

    Since the kids and I like gravy, I got an extra quart from Whole Foods. It’s actually pretty good and not expensive (~$6). I’ve bought whole turkey dinners from them on a few occasions when my wife worked and it was only us two and not worth cooking. Pretty good.

    Speaking of liking gravy, I bought a dozen rolls for 5 people but my son and his girl friend just went out for more to sop up gravy.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest of the gang here, including our esteemed host.

  10. Jojo says:

    The official Thanksgiving song :)
    Alice’s Restaurant – Original 1967 Recording

  11. leveut says:
    Ultra Easy Monetary Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences

  12. patfla says:

    I always assumed that Jack Welch was a big dick. As the hagiographies have piled up, I’ve wondered: “whatever happened to Neutron Jack.”

    That said, while Welch probably trained a lot of MBAs, his own education was in chemical engineering.

  13. Julia Chestnut says:

    Yum, Mike! I’d eat that. I forgot about the stuffing – I make my family’s cornbread stuffing. I might have to try that trick with the Whole Foods gravy. . . .there is NEVER enough gravy!

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving! Hope that your wife has a peaceful day at work and comes home soon.

  14. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Up next for the Big Ten: adding USC & UCLA!!!

  15. DeDude says:

    So Welsh is convinced that those “Chicago Boys” are massaging data until it fits the liking of the big boss. I guess he makes those presumptions because that’s how it worked in the private sector under him. He would send the message down as to what the end numbers were supposed to look like, and back up came the numbers he had asked for. If they did not, someone would lose their job (and more pliant underlings be installed).

    This is one place where unions have a very important role in public service. A lot of the people who creates reports and numbers are public servants in career jobs that are protected from arbitrary dismissal. That is one reason that the data about global warming and its causes continued to be produced under Bush/Cheney in spite of harsh political pressures to suppress it. If the continued attacks of public employees and their unions were to succeed, one of the many negative effects would be that reliable data would be a lot more difficult to obtain.

  16. Giovanni says:

    @Jojo: From a long time member of the Alice’s Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement, thanks for sharing!