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10 Thanksgiving Day Reads to be Thankful For

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On November 22, 2012 @ 10:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Some eclectic Thanksgiving Day reads to express your gratitude:

• Five economic trends to be thankful for (Washington Post [1])
Be Thankful for blog posts like this one: The facts of investing life (Monevator [2])
• Joe Weisenthal is really thankful for Bill McBride of Calculated Risk (Business Insider [3])
• Be thankful you understand Why Technical Analysis Matters (All Star Charts [4])
Refinancing? Be thankful for this: Fed Still Trying to Push Down Rates (WSJ [5])
Be thankful Jack Welch is Retired! Jack Welch Is An Even Bigger Dick Than You Previously Believed (BusinessWeek [6])
Be thankful for Lord Skidelsky and Carry On: Inequality is Killing Capitalism (Project Syndicate [7])
• BE THANKFUL YOU DONT OWN ANY HP: Marc Andreessen was biggest proponent for Autonomy acquisition on HP’s board members (Breaking Views [8])
I’m thankful for NSFW: Marco Rubio’s Rap Preferences: A Lyrical Analysis (NSFW Corp [9])
• Be thankful you live during a time when technology rocks:  Software That Shows What Your Shiny New iPad Can Do (NYT [10])

What are you eating today?


The Geography of College Football Fans (and Realignment Chaos)
Source: The Quad [12]

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