Neat infographic from the NYT:

Obama Was Not as Strong as in 2008, but Strong Enough
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Source: NYT

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31 Responses to “2008 versus 2012 Election”

  1. JimRino says:

    - Whites stayed home because Ryan’s voucher plan would kill them financially.
    With Ryan picked they were bound to lose big votes in FL.
    - Then, remember, Limbaugh INSULTED the Hispanic Mexican-American community in LA. They apparently did not forget.
    - Finally, the storm reminded Americans that Global Warming is No Joke, and a Competent FEMA is a good thing, at least Americans younger then 45.
    - Plus, you insulted people going to college.
    - You attempted to kill the US school system.
    - Finally, does anyone believe a Republican would make any effort to control Wall Street Fraud? They believe fraud should be legal!

  2. VennData says:

    Imagine if Adelson, Simmons, the Koches and the SuperPac unlimited givers gave their millions to Sandy victims rather than how it was completely wasted.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    not sure I get the length of lines in the swings .. but interesting
    Pappa BillO’s comments hi-lited by Comedy Central got me looking up white papers of our own
    but that is new one – wondered how things are change’g – here is 20 years older

    I think the Right will be happy that the military is growing into their shoes

  4. NoKidding says:

    A better republican candidate would have won. There were unfortunately none on the ticket and none in the primary. Ron Paul failed to connect with the mainstream but he would at least have given people an option different than the status quo. Would have lost, but been more thought provoking in the process.

    The party needs to subordinate all of its pet themes to a short list. Current list seems to be:
    Low taxes
    Undefined spending cuts
    Second amendment
    Financial deregulation
    Free trade
    Fossil fuels
    Right to work laws

    Any two or three of those planks can be molded into a winning platform but together they present too much opportunity for exclusion.

    Most obviously the combination of Christianity and fossil fuels loses California and the North East. They could still win with that, BUT free trade kills them in the midwest.

    You could theoretically win California with Free trade and low taxes, BUT fossil fuels kills that dead.

    They’re transparently unable to subordinate what might be nice to what is necessary. Like Henry David Thoreaux would tell them: simplify, simplify, simplify.

  5. VennData says:

    Fox can’t bring themselves to question Rove about his on-air call.

    “…Mr. Rove has not addressed the episode on Fox News since Tuesday night. He appeared on the network on Wednesday, in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” but he was not asked about his mistake…”

    Such a great “news” source Fox is. You’re lucky to be getting all of your news from such an uncompromising source. ROFL.

  6. ami_in_deutschland says:

    To me probably the most remarkable and telling statistic is the fact that Romney got about 3 million fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. This figure, along with the almost complete abdication of the non-white, non-male vote, should be an eardrum-piercing wake-up call for the GOP leadership — but I won’t be holding my breath.

  7. DrungoHazewood says:

    The thing that freaked me out was the candidates saying no laws were broken. . WTF? If no laws were broken, then you can eventually kiss everything goodbye. I didn’t get a thrill up my leg, but a chill down my spine.

  8. DrungoHazewood says:

    And 10 million less votes with a larger voting age population. A lot of people, me included, learned a lot about politicians over the last 4 years.

  9. Rich in NJ says:

    I would like to see a state by state breakdown on voter turnout to see how much, if any, NY, NJ, and CT negatively impacted the total.

    Apart from that, Team Obama seems to have understood the playing field by emphasizing the microtargeting potential voters who are likely to be receptive to their messaging.

  10. ilsm says:

    Demographics, get out the vote (GOTV), just enough grassroots organizing allowed Obama with a few respresentatives, a couple of senators to overcome the GOteaparty bunde system.

    The money and the blithering attacks ads were insufficient dog whistle signals to overcome all those the GOteaparty offended, the lousy message and inconsistent (being kind here) candidates.

    In foreign policy, if Obama were white the election would have looked like 1964.

    GOteaparty needs a radically different model than the German American Bundes of 1938.

  11. JimRino says:

    Republicans Threatened Social Security and Medicare.
    As most Americans on social security need it as their primary income source, this was insane political positioning. And proves that the campaign platform was written in the office suites of the Koch Brothers, and not at the precinct level of any southern small town hall.

  12. JimRino says:

    The vote seems to prove Obama didn’t win because he was a black man, he won on his positions.

  13. JimRino says:

    Romney could have lost PA because Bain had ZERO Track Record of creating US jobs.
    Also, Republicans threatened to privatize state hunting lands, not take away guns, just the lands they’re used on.

  14. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    @nokiddingsays said “A better republican candidate would have won….”

    I’ve heard that refrain many, many times today.

    I remain to be convinced that it is true. The Republican Party currently represents a fading demographic. If they had a “better” candidate then they would have alienated more of the moderate voters that Romney pulled over.

    A different Republican Platform might have won, but a different candidate would not have. imo, of course. :)

  15. irondoor says:

    Mr. Rino

    Can you be specific on that threat to privatize state hunting lands. Who proposed it, What state, Which lands, how would the privatization work, how much would it cost to hunt on these lands, would the state have any ongoing control of the lands?

  16. JimRino says:

    It started in Texas and then Wisconsin. Having State parks, or forest is “socialism”. Privatized parks would become private property, sold to the new Billionaire class. Completely restricting hunting on these lands. It’s doubtful any 1% landowner would allow hunters, with high power rifles with scopes, on their lands.

  17. JimRino says:

    You’re seeing the same thing in Montana. State lands being sold off to private billionaires.

  18. overanout says:

    Reagan/Bush Republican electoral College wins were widespread nationally for 12 years but today the GOP is a bible belt electoral party that continues to lose support on a national level. Mitt did not lose a single bible belt state so his past record of moderation was never an issue with voters . The modern GOP brand is the bible belt world view
    that in an age of internet communication,social media and mass advertising is hard to hid behind no matter how moderate the face of ticket. The GOP think tank will probably put up different combinations of women/color/moderates at the top of the ticket in order to pick up some electoral college votes but my guess is that the GOP nationally will look more like Calif with a less then 30 percent GOP registration.

  19. Frwip says:

    With the current economy and job market, the elections was for the Republicans to lose. It should have been a bloodbath for the Democrats.

    And yet, Obama got reelected, which is pretty incredible, even more so with such a large electoral college margin and an absolute majority of the votes, something no Democratic president managed to pull since FDR. And the Democrat not only kept their majority in the Senate but actually gained 2 seats, and that is absolutely unbelievable.

    And that happened because the Republicans were AWOL, out there, at sea.

    They have been AWOL from American politics and basic reality ever since Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House. But now, the old Reagan majority is dying off and it’s really starting to show at the polls.

    NBC News’ Rachel Maddow really summed it up last night. Not the normal fare for the Big Picture, I know, but the last segment of her show was truly excellent.

    Watch the whole thing if you have time (she’s pretty fun) but if not, at least jump to 12:51. It’s a pretty neat summation of the political situation in the country.

    Republicans, wake up! (or die quickly, as the other guy from Florida would say).

  20. CSF says:

    It’s fascinating that Romney won the over-40 demographic, suggesting that he wasn’t hurt by anxiety about Social Security and Medicare. Obama won the under-40 demographic, suggesting the young don’t blame the president for their unemployment/underemployment (exit polls suggest they blame Bush, instead).

    The other fascinating statistic is that Romney won more votes from those making more than $50,000, and he lost those making less. His ill-fated comment about the 47% became self-prophecy.

  21. Northeaster says:

    Washington was right, including not taking a third term, political Party’s would be our undoing.

    Almost all the moderates were either voted out or retired in disgust. Hope both Party’s are happy now on the road to oblivion. Both Party’s suck, and they and their enablers should all be hanging from lampposts.

  22. victor says:

    Mr Rino says: “Finally, the storm reminded Americans that Global Warming is No Joke, and a Competent FEMA is a good thing”.

    Fast forward to NOW: GW turned into GC (weather does not equal climate), FEMA hasn’t turned up yet (closed for bad weather), the politicos have ended the photo op sessions, and Menendez got re-elected easily; Staten Island anyone?

    CFS: couldn’t agree more

  23. ami_in_deutschland says:


    The “better Republican candidate” who had a very real chance of defeating Obama was Jon Huntsman. However, if you recall, he came out at the bottom of the GOP primaries.

    The GOP doesn’t have a candidate problem — it has a constituency problem.

  24. JimRino says:

    The New Your Times just released a new motto: “We Don’t Sell Bull”.

  25. StatArb says:

    The election was a “blowout” victory ! ! !

    Quit deluding yourselves

  26. StatArb says:

    @ ami_in_deutschland

    ” a constituency problem”

    Similar to Frau Merkel’s warm and friendly country ???

  27. Greg0658 says:

    “The GOP doesn’t have a candidate problem — it has a constituency problem.”
    LOL – thats a good one … wait – – thats half my country your talkin’bout

    I saw in TBP somewhere (paraphrased) “american loyalty to team” and “it just takes time”

  28. techy says:

    organised religion and clan like community(confederates) can make a large population delusional and irrational. look at all the islamic countries they think blasphemy=death. Hence 45% of the country wishes only one thing, get their party in power and change the laws to suit their beliefs. but thankfully 50% of them, particularly women, do not want to go back 100s of years.

  29. coachin2au says:

    An awesome infographic. Lots of dynamics to consider and debate.

    One more dimension that would really open up the conversation would have been to make the lines thicker in proportion to their voting numbers. After all, not all these arrows are created equal, they are only useful when considered as vectors.

  30. JimRino says:

    CSF, Romney lost the white vote, on social security. They didn’t vote for Obama. They Just Stayed Home.

  31. Greg0658 says:

    for our busybees .. that 20 year old pdf page to zoom into is about p69
    as for other flypoops on history – I am set; to watch duct taped to a chair – sorry colored kids
    … ALL these TBP words are hope tho – (or loose lips)