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Where I say some not nice things about the accounting industry serving Wall Street investors.

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6 Responses to “BNN Appearance: Bernanke, HP & Accounting Shenanigans”

  1. ConscienceofaConservative says:

    Barry , I think you are using the wrong example on accounting standards.
    Sure there are scandals
    Sure the big accounting firms serve the companies that hire them more than the shareholders
    But H.P. paid 11 billion company and had the opportunity to look over the books.

    H.P. messed up.


    BR: No doubt. But they also had hired Deloitte, who gave Autonomy a clean bill of health, and KPMG, who agreed with Deloitte. Thats a pretty epic fail.

  2. boveri says:

    It’s a slope and not a cliff is an indication that this will not be quickly resolved by the politicians. Importantly for a trader this probably means more up and down market volatility.

  3. johnl says:

    Ya Barry…………thanks for pointing out the short comings of the GAAP.
    The murky mess of mark to imagination is a huge hurdle to investing confidence.

  4. Greg0658 says:

    since HP and Autonomy got brought up .. I gotta say as a typist on an HP laptop this moment .. I sorta cry fowl on US Meg getting a morning segment and GB Autonomy founder not seeing air till after the closing bell .. is this one of those famous shortNshort insurance policy payoff WS plays? and for who?

    ” Autonomy Founder: HP Allegations ‘Absolutely Factually Incorrect’ ”

    can we have an OpSys ? that I can say “I wish I could quit you”

  5. jb says:

    Barry, you just hit a home run !!!

  6. Greg0658 says:

    gotta be vigilant .. (for the kiddos)

    our WS world is really over my head .. this opened can and now with this mornings thread
    page 8 of player logos
    ( & above)
    ‘ insurance policy payoff WS plays? and for who? ‘

    remember a post of mine many moons ago (probably could find it in this graven image world)
    (paraphrased) pick your side kids > government or corporation
    (if ya don’t become a superplayer in some function .. as that superStud you are the product for the producers to exploit) (that is still the place to be) roundNround

    sincerely your,
    U2 spyplane